Election of the boards of Paris-Saclay University 2020

Campus life Article published on January 15 2020 , Updated on March 02 2020

The elections of staff and user representatives to the Board of Directors (CA), the Research Committee and the Education and Academic Life Committee of the Academic Council of Paris-Saclay University will take place from 27 to 31 January 2020.

Users and staff of Paris-Saclay University, the component-institutions, the universities of Versailles Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines and Evry Val-d'Essonne, and national research organizations of the units concerned are called upon to elect their representatives to the Board of Directors (CA), the Research Committee (CR) and the Education and Academic Life Committee (CFVU) of Paris-Saclay University. 

In accordance with the statutes, the electoral lists will be drawn up on the basis of information provided by the institutions.


December 18, 2019

Posting of electoral lists and convocation of voters

January 20, 2020

Deadline for submitting applications, professions of faith and support to Paris-Saclay University

To the attention of the Provisional Administrator

Route de l'Orme aux Merisiers
Espace Technologique, Discovery Building
91190 Saint-Aubin

at 12pm (noon)

Applications to be submitted on site or by post.

January 21, 2020

Possible meeting of the advisory electoral committee

Verification of eligibility of applications

January 27 /31, 2020
from Monday 27 at 9 am till Friday 31 at 5 pm continuously

Electronic ballot
To access the voting area, you must log on to https://vote992.neovote.com and then enter your identifier.

Janvier 31, 2020

Proclamation of results


Bodies to be elected

The Board is the governing body of Paris-Saclay University. It defines the policy set forth by Paris-Saclay University, elects its President and approves the strategic plan, as well as the organization and operation of Paris-Saclay University. It votes the budget and approves the accounts. Its specific powers are defined in the Articles of Association, as regulated by Decree 2019-1131 dated November 5, 2019, creating Paris-Saclay University and approving its Articles of Association.

It comprises 36 representatives: 18 representatives elected by and from among the staff and students of Paris-Saclay University, component-institutions, memberassociated universities, national research organizations of the units concerned, and 18 qualified experts from outside Paris-Saclay University.

The Academic Council, sitting in plenary session, is the university's advisory board. The general policies pertaining to the academic life of the university are debated. Its specific powers are defined in its statutes.

It consists of 80 members, and comprises two bodies, the Education and Academic Life Committee (40 members, including 35 elected members and 5 external personalities) and the Research Commission (40 members, including 28 elected members and 7 representatives of ONR and OR partners and 5 outside persons).

Voting procedures

Elections are organized by electronic voting. Only electronic voting by internet is allowed.

Electors will receive the necessary instructions electronically in order to vote. An external service provider, with all legal authorizations (CNIL and certification), is in charge of the election process.

Postal voting is not authorized.

In order to enable voters who do not benefit have access to the internet, in the context of their professional or training activities, a computer workstation with free and easy access, equipped with a system guaranteeing confidentiality, will be made available to them in their institution.


Lists, candidates


Professions de foi

 profession-de-foi-bouge-ton-campus - (pdf 553.07 Ko)

 profession_de_foi-Listes-CFDT-universite-Paris-Saclay-S_engager_pour_chacun,_agir_pour_tous-VF2 - (pdf 87.7 Ko)

 profession-de-foi-ensemble - (pdf 308.26 Ko)

 pf-finale-parions-saclay.pdf - (pdf 234.88 Ko)

 snptes-prof-foi-conseils-2020-vf-v8 - (pdf 855.03 Ko)

 pf-fsu-2020-liste-uhde - (pdf 630.05 Ko)

 pf-unef - (pdf 228.87 Ko)

And from November 6, 2019 to February 26, 2020?

On November 6, 2019, the Rector of the Academy of Versailles appointed Françoise Moulin Civil, university professor and adviser of sites and institutions at the Mission Expertise et Conseil (MEC) of the DGESIP, to lead the provisional period of administration of Paris-Saclay University.

Françoise Moulin Civil has taken up her duties as provisional administrator of ParisSaclay University to orchestrate the first months of implementation of the governance and the gradual establishment of the new bodies of the institution. As such, the provisional administrator organizes the elections of the members of the Board of Directors, the Academic Council, that is to say the Research and Education and Academic Life Committees of the new institution under the conditions provided for by the statutes of Paris-Saclay University, as well as the election of the President on February 26, 2020.

The mission of the provisional administrator consists primarily in ensuring, in close collaboration with the relevant departments and services, the entire electoral process and guaranteeing its strength. The first act of this mission is to convene the Advisory Electoral Committee to validate the process and the electoral calendar. This is a supervised process that will lead to the election of a president for Paris-Saclay University, no later than 4 months after November 6, 2019, the date of publication of the decree creating the new institution.
In accordance with Decree 2019-1131 of November 5, 2019 establishing the Paris-Saclay University and approving its statutes, Université Paris-Sud and the ComUE Paris-Saclay exist jointly until 31 December 2019.

On January 1, 2020, Université Paris-Sud and the ComUE Paris-Saclay merged into the new institution to form, together with the component-institutions and the member-associated universities, Paris-Saclay University. 

Useful links

  • The Education Code, and in particular Articles L712-1 and seq., L719-1 and seq., L 953-2, R 712-1 to R 712-8 and D719-1 to D719-40 

Read the Education Code on the Légifrance website in French

  • Decree No. 2019-1131 of November 5, 2019 creating Paris-Saclay University and approving its statutes;

Read the decree on the Légifrance website in French

Download the decree establishing Paris-Saclay University and approving its statutes
  • The provisional Rules of Procedure of Paris-Saclay University, adopted by the provisional Board of Directors of Paris-Saclay University on November 13, 2019
Download the provisional rules of procedure


Communication kits

Establishment of lists of candidates

"I vote": dates and instructions for voters