Art and history: a visit of Paris organised for the Buddies by Chercheurs d’Art(chéologie)

International Article published on April 08 2021 , Updated on April 08 2021

Visiting famous Parisian monuments and learning more about their history is an activity of major interest for international students arriving to Paris. What seem to be normal buildings also have their mysteries and the student association Chercheurs d’Art(chéologie) will tell you more about them on Saturday, May 29th!  

An architectural journey through the history of Paris

Chercheurs d’Art(chéologie) is a student association of the UVSQ that aims to give students the opportunity to learn more about history, archaeology and art history. By combining these three aspects through an event for the Buddy Programme Call for Projects, its members give the Buddies the possibility to go back in time during an afternoon and imagine the city a few centuries ago thanks to old photos. In the area of Rivoli, near the Louvre, the students will have to recognize the buildings based on these pictures and recreate them by drawing or taking a new picture, while listening to the explanations of the students organising the event.

An artist’s book for each participant

In addition to visiting Paris with other students and revealing its secrets, each student will be able to express his or her perception by creating an artist’s book. The association Chercheurs d’art(chéologie) will provide all the necessary supplies to fill it up with photographs printed on the spot and drawings, that will put in perspective past and present. The participants will then bring the object home, both as a souvenir and a decoration item!

An afternoon in Paris

After a few weeks of lockdown, come meet other students on Saturday, May 29th! Register by sending an e-mail to