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Mathieu Kociak

Laboratory : Laboratoire de physique des solides (LPS)
Université Paris-Saclay

Phone : 33 1 69 15 53 61
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Mathieu Kociak is researcher at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), with a research director position in the STEM group at the Laboratory for Solid States Physics (LPS) in Orsay, France. His main research interests include the study of the correlations between the structure, and the optical and electronic properties of individual nanoobjects, that he tackles through a combination of instrumental developments in electron microscopy, experiments on the STEM and theory of the electron/matter/photon interaction. He is currently working especially on nanooptics with fast electrons using EELS and nanocathodoluminescence (STEM-CL). He has transferred his STEM-CL technology to the Attolight compagny. He is the scientific leader of CHROMATEM, a ultra-high energy resolution electron microscopy project, and the director of the french electron microscopy network METSA. Mathieu's awards include the Guinier Prize of the french Physical Society (2002), the quadrennial FEI-EM award (2012) of the European Microscopy Society, the Innovation Prize of the university Paris-Sud (2014) and the Agar Medal of the Royal Society of Microscopy (2015).

  • Research topics​ Nanophotonique instrumentation in electronic spectroscopy
  • Research areas Nanotechnologies
  • Key words nanooptics, electronic spectroscopy


Important publications

  • Campos, A. et al., Plasmonic quantum size effects in silver nanoparticles are dominated by interfaces and local environments, Nat. Phys., 111, 1 (2018).
  • Lourenço-Martins, H., Das, P., Tizei, L. H. G., Weil, R. & Kociak, M. Self-hybridization within non-Hermitian localized plasmonic systems. Nat Phys 89, L391 (2018).
  • Lourenço-Martins, H. & Kociak, M. Vibrational Surface Electron-Energy-Loss Spectroscopy Probes Confined Surface-Phonon Modes. Phys. Rev. X 7, 041059 (2017).
  • Bourrellier, R. et al. Bright UV Single Photon Emission at Point Defects in h-BN. Nano Lett. 16, 4317–4321 (2016).
  • Meuret, S. et al. Photon Bunching in Cathodoluminescence. Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 197401 (2015).