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GS Chemistry: innovation and development

Research activities in Chemistry and at the interfaces with other scientific disciplines have great potential for the innovation needed to respond to the current challenges facing society. The fields of health, energy, the environment, materials and processes are all sectors in which the discoveries and inventions made by researchers, post-doctoral and PhD students in the laboratories at GS Chemistry can be developed. This development is carried out in conjunction with the Université Paris-Saclay SATT and with the development units of the organisations and partners concerned. The important local economic fabric, the dynamism of the entrepreneurial network within Paris-Saclay and the national and international links enjoyed by the GS Chemistry with other providers offer unique opportunities. 

For example, the innovation by Professor Sébastien Floquet from the Institut Lavoisier: Click on the link to read the article…

Initiatives and start-ups

Thanks to their innovations, patents and established industrial partnerships, the GS Chemistry laboratories are active players in economic development. The laboratories of GS Chemistry, as well as the young entrepreneurs who have studied at Paris-Saclay, have, for example, created several start-ups in the fields of instrumentation and physico-chemical measurement (Teratonics - ICP; IUMTEK - CEA-SEARS), molecule synthesis (Ajelis, Novecal - ICCMO) and biotechnologies (Alzohis, Biokawthar Technologies - IGPS).

Have an idea, a project?

Ideas are created, developed and supported.

Are you a student? Education courses are offered to students at GS Chemistry to promote innovations in Chemistry and at the interfaces with other disciplines.

Are you working at a GS? Exchanges between laboratories at GS Chemistry and other GS have taken place with the aim of sharing ideas and bringing about new opportunities. The GS Chemistry supports interdisciplinarity, which often forms the basis of the most promising innovations. 

Are you interested in the expertise available at GS Chemistry? We can put you in touch with GS Chemistry to discuss your idea, your requirements or your project.

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