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International law and European law

In order to apply to one of the programmes of the master, please select the programme you are interested in under the "Year 1 & 2 Master's programmes" tab.

Learning outcome targets

Provide students with the fundamental theoretical and practical elements necessary for rapid and high-level professional integration into the field of international and European law.

Transfer paths

Transfer paths are available at the end of M1.
Requests for transfer will be considered on a case-by-case basis (depending on results, motivation, etc.) It is possible to transfer from one course in this field of study to the other, as well as from and to other disciplines. Students in this field of study will therefore be able to apply for admission to an M2 that belongs to the business course of the DIE discipline. Conversely, M2 students on the core course of the DIE discipline can apply to join this field of study.

Academic partnerships

Université de Cergy-Pontoise

Skills required within the Field of Study :
  • Understand the sources of law in their international and European context

  • Advise stakeholders operating in an international and European environment

  • Write specialist legal documents and keep abreast of legal developments.

  • Develop and argue a critical analysis

  • Lead group and individual work, and supervise a team

  • Operate in a multicultural and multilingual context