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Where to study languages and cultures

Language teaching

Université Paris-Saclay encourages specialists of any discipline to study one or more of the 14 foreign languages taught on the various campuses.

The study of French includes French as a foreign language, French as a second language, French for academic purposes and French for specific purposes.

English can be studied with a focus on science or on today's most pressing topics, and might involve games of rhetoric, public speaking, and even theatre, film or literary production. In-depth cultural studies (humor, political systems, the business world, etc.) are offered for more advanced students, allowing them to refine their intercultural skills in an interactive way.

Learning or mastering another language—Arabic, German, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish or even sign language—also allows students, faculty and staff to develop both intercultural and interdisciplinary skills, enriched by the various types of international exchanges on offer.
Language learning—a priority

Université Paris-Saclay places a high priority on language learning, multilingualism and interculturality. The Université Paris-Saclay Languages Charter duly provides a well-defined and ambitious framework. The charter is based on five main points:

  1. Four principles: quality, universality, professionalization and innovation
  2. Integration of language study into degree programs
  3. Fluency in French and English
  4. Appropriate teaching and learning resources
  5. Support for research conducted by languages faculty.

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