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ARTeQ – Interdisciplinary training in quantum technologies

As part of the deployment of the national plan on quantum technologies, the University of Paris-Saclay and ENS Paris-Saclay, in partnership with the IPP, propose to strengthen the undergraduate training by setting up ARTeQ, a research year in quantum technologies.

The ARTeQ year is aimed at first- or second-year master's students in physics, applied physics, computer science, applied mathematics, and engineering school students. Strongly oriented towards research and innovation, it relies on the network of research teams that are federated in the QUANTUM center of the University of Paris-Saclay and their partners from the IPP and industrial partners. See

The ARTeQ year course is divided as follows:

  • 1st semester (October-January) 

Training modules 
supervised research project 

  • 2nd semester (February-July) 

Research internship in a public or private laboratory 
+ entrepreneurship seminar

Training modules offered in the 1st semester (30 h lecture-DT per module).

Elements of physics for quantum technologies. Alain Aspect (LCF), P. Grangier (LCF) et
Jean-François Roch (LUMIN)
Elements of computing for quantum technologies. Pablo Arrighi (LMF)
Computing-physical perspectives on quantum information. Benoît Valiron (LRI) et Romain Alléaume (LTCI)
Quantum hardware, light and matter. Pascale Senellart (C2N) et Jean-Damien Pillet ( LSI)
Quantum machine learning and neuromorphic engineering. Filippo Miatto (LTCI), Julie Grollier (UMR CNRSThales), Danijela Markovic (UMR CNRS-Thales) et
Alice Mizrahi (UMR CNRS-Thales)
Introduction to quantum matter. Jacqueline Bloch (C2N), Marc-Olivier Goerbig (LPS)
et Pascal Simon (LPS)

Students not receiving remuneration are eligible for a scholarship scheme set up for the training of the first semester, before the paid internship carried out in the second semester.