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Internship at Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay regularly welcomes international students for internships in one of its 300 laboratories.
Would you like to do an internship at Paris-Saclay University? Please, contact directly the laboratory, hospital or department/service you are interested in.  In France, any intern working for over 2 months is entitled to a stipend. Whatever the internship, an internship agreement is mandatory.

Who is it for?

Internships are open to all students enrolled in a higher education institution.


You can do an internship in a laboratory or hospital linked to Université Paris-Saclay or in an administrative department of the university. Contact the structure that you are interested in directly.


How long?

  • The duration of an internship in France cannot exceed 6 months.
  • The duration of an Erasmus+ internship must be at least 2 months.


What you must do

  • Contact your higher education institution to find out how you can be selected.
  • Then contact the laboratory or hospital of Université Paris-Saclay to obtain the agreement of your future internship supervisor.


The agreement

  • In France, it is compulsory to establish an internship agreement signed by the student, the home institution and the host institution.
  • Students in the Erasmus+ Internship programme must have the Erasmus+ Internship agreement signed by the head of their  home institutions and the director/dean of the relevant constituent faculty of Université Paris-Saclay.
  • Students outside the Erasmus+ programme must sign the internship agreement and have it signed by their internship supervisors.



  • If you are a citizen from a country subject to the visa procedure, contact the Campus France office or the French embassy in your country, and find out what type of visa is required in your situation (student visa or trainee visa).
  • Contact your health insurer to obtain an attestation of care and repatriation. Once in France, do not forget to take out third party liability insurance which is compulsory.



In France, interns doing internships of over two months are given a stipend of approximately 630 euros per month. Make an estimate of the minimum stipend online
Under the Erasmus+ programme, you can obtain an Erasmus+ traineeship grant from your home institution.


Traineeship/ Internship supervisor: the person who supervises your work at the laboratory, the hospital or in the administrative office.
Traineeship / Internship agreement: a document signed by you and your internship supervisor that defines the duration and terms of the internship.
Internships in France: Find out more information about your employer's obligations.