Tuition fees

The administrative registration must be done before the beginning of each academic year and must be validated before the beginning of the courses: tuition fees paid and student card issued. Only the administrative registration gives the status of student, and allows you to take the exams and obtain the diploma.

Tuition fees for degree programs (2019-2020 academic year)

Tuition fees for Université Paris-Saclay degree programs are set by decree of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Tuition fees are around (example based on fees for the 2019-2020 academic year):

  • undergraduate programme: 170€

  • Master programme: 243€
  • PhD programme: 380€


Policy set forth by Université Paris-Saclay regarding the "differentiated tuition fees" for non-EU students

In keeping with the resolution voted by its executive board, dated April 17, 2019, Université Paris-Saclay is intent on developing a proactive policy to attract national, EU and non-EU students. 

As such, for the 2020-2021 academic year, successful candidates affected by the decree and order relating to tuition fees in higher education institutions falling within the jurisdiction of the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, will need to pay the same tuition fees as that of national students without having to make any explicit appeal to this end. 

Partial exemption will be enforced throughout the duration of their studies at Université Paris-Saclay, except in the case of repetition, where a commission will adjudicate on maintaining such exemption.

Masters with specific tuition fees

Please note that some master's programs have specific fees:

Some master's programs offer additional services. These programs require specific tuition fees in addition to the mandatory fees (amount specified above).

Mention Course Tuition fees Comments
Integrative Biology and Physiology M1 European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy 4 400 € pour partner countries et
9 000 € pour les autres
Ne recrute pas en 2020-2021
Erasmus Mundus
Chemistry M2 Chemistry-International Track 3 700 € étudiant non EU* ou 1 000 € étudiant EU ou tarif master Erasmus+ *Pour étudiant du master Erasmus+: 3 400 € pour les étudiants résidant dans un pays du programme Erasmus + ; sinon 6 400 € 
Chemistry M1 Chemistry - International Track   3 700 € étudiant non EU ou 1 000 € étudiant  EU  
Chemistry M1 Chemistry - International Track – ERASMUS Mundus 3 600 € étudiant EU pour les étudiants résidant dans un pays du programme Erasmus+ ; sinon 6 575 €   
Electrical Engineering M2 Advanced Wireless Communications Systems 6 000 €  
Energy M1 Energy - International track 6 000 €  
Civil Engineering M2 Géomécanique et sous-sol 6 000 €  
Civil Engineering M1 Civil Engineering - Geomechanics and Construction Work 6 000 €  
Computer Science M2 Big Data Management and Analytics (BDMA) 6 000 €  
Industrial Engineering M1 Ingénierie des systèmes complexes - Voie recherche 6 000 €  
Industrial Engineering M2 Design and System Science 6 000 €  
Nuclear Energy M2 EMINE 8 000 € non EU/4 000 € EU Erasmus Mundus
Nuclear Energy M1 Nuclear Energy 4 000 € pour non EU/0 pour EU   
Nuclear Energy M2 Nuclear energy 8 000 € pour non EU déjà présent en M1 et 12 000 € pour les autres/0 pour EU  
Strategic Management M2 International Business 6 000 €  
Mechanics M1 Mechanics International track 6 000 €  
Nutrition and Food Science M2 FIPDes (Food Innovation and Product Design) 4 500 € EU/9 000 € non EU  Erasmus Mundus
Nutrition and Food Science M1 FIPDes (Food Innovation and Product Design) 4 500 € EU/9 000 € non EU  Erasmus Mundus
Pharmaceutical Science M2 Development of Drugs and Health Products 6 000 €  
Pharmaceutical Science M1 Development of Drugs and Health Products 6 000 €  


Conditions for fee waivers

Some students may be eligible for a fee waiver for international master's programs.

  Tuition fees to be paid in addition to the mandatory fees
  M1 (1st year)  M2 (2nd year)
Student with a bachelor's degree from a Université Paris-Saclay member institution  0 €   0 €
Student with a French or European bachelor's degree from an institution outside Université Paris-Saclay 4 000 € 4 000 €
Student enrolled in the first year of a Université Paris-Saclay master's program (M1) that is not international - -  0 €
Student enrolled in an M1 at a European institution 1  - 4 000 €
Students from a Grande École member of Université Paris-Saclay on a dual degree 

Tarif réglementé double cursus 

Tarif réglementé double cursus 
Students with an incoming mobility scholarship from Université Paris-Saclay 4 000 € 4 000 €
Students with a Campus France grant 4 000 € 4 000 €
Students with a CROUS grant 0 €  0 € 

Please note, this does not concern:

  • Erasmus Mundus master's programs for which the fee waiver policy is also set by the consortium.

1 "European" or "EU" also covers third party countries participating in the Erasmus+ program such as Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Macedonia, Liechtenstei