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Christopher Hautbois elected Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences

University Article published on 23 May 2023 , Updated on 25 May 2023


On Monday 22 May 2023, the board members of the Faculty of Sport Sciences at Université Paris-Saclay elected Christopher Hautbois, associate professor with an accreditation to supervise research (HDR), as the faculty’s Dean. He will take post on 20 June 2023, at the end of the current term of Prof François Cottin.

Christopher Hautbois is involved in the Faculty of Sport Sciences as Head of the Master’s programme in Sport, Leisure and Event Management (SLEM). He was director of continuing education and head of international relations at the Faculty. He is currently head of international relations within the Graduate School for Sport, Movement, Human Factors (SMFH) and also at the Complexity, Innovation, Motor and Sports Activities Laboratory (CIAMS). He is equally head of the Management of Sporting Organisations and the Study of Social Impacts at the same laboratory. His research focuses on the social impact of large international sporting events and their influence on the image of local areas hosting sporting events. Christopher Hautbois teaches sports marketing and the strategic management of sporting organisations.

As Dean, Christopher Hautbois hopes to strengthen the interdisciplinarity of research in sports science. With his team, he would like to implement a policy encouraging educational innovation (flipped classrooms, participation of the Faculty in the SHIFT project, integrating innovative technologies in the course offer, etc.). He also hopes to reiterate physical, sporting and artistic activities as key elements in the faculty’s identity, and their importance in how major societal issues are dealt with, such as ageing, disabilities, health, leisure, education and social inclusion.


Christopher Hautbois,