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Projets financés

Projets financés 2022

  • DNATransfoMachine (Uncovering the role of the missing nuclease of Helicobacter pylori in the DNA transformation machinery) - Coordinator: Pablo Radicella (IRCM); Partner: Raphaël Guérois (I2BC); Funding: 7 000 €
  • E-host (Evolution of the host cell specificity of the malaria parasite) - Coordinator: Joana Santos (I2BC); Partners: Laura Eme (ESE), Yan Jaszczyszyn (I2BC); Funding: 10 000 €
  • HelLoadD (Molecular mechanism of the DnaB replicative helicase loading by DciA) - Coordinator: Sophie Quevillon-Cheruel (I2BC); Partners: Dominique Guianvarc’h (ICMMO), Stéphane Bressanelli (I2BC); Funding: 10 000 €
  • LED-NMR@Paris-Saclay (NMR coupled to an LED irradiation system to unravel photo-induced mechanisms: application to Fluorescent Proteins) - Coordinator: Ewen Lescop (ICSN); Partner: Hélène Pasquier (ICP); Funding: 10 000 €
  • MitophAging (Design of fluorogenic probes for in vivo analysis of mitophagy during aging) - Coordinator: Arnaud Chevalier (ICSN); Partners: Renaud Legouis (I2BC), Romain Le Bars (I2BC); Funding: 10 000 €
  • RPBFork (RNA-protein interactions at DNA replication forks) - Coordinator: Stephan Vagner (GIRC); Partner: Sophie Zinn-Justin (I2BC); Funding: 10 000 €