The Paris-Saclay AstroParticle Symposium 2019

A Workshop on Astroparticles at the Institute Pascal

The 2019 AstroPascal workshop on astroparticles will take place at the Pascal Institute of the Paris-Saclay University. Around 30 specialists of astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics will be invited to discuss and work on the themes: Dark Energy and Dark Matter.  The format will be flexible enough to allow for strong interactions between participants. There will be working sessions every day and on Fridays, a « conference » format day with invited speakers. We have invited confirmed researchers and are strongly encouraging the presence of   their students and/or postdocs. The ultimate aim is to initiate-continue-finalise research projects in a nice environment. 


Programme (14th October - 8th November 2019):

First week: Cosmology after GW170817

Second Week: Dark energy where art thou?              

Third week: WIMP Dark Matter and its many guises                                      

Fourth week: Beyond the WIMP paradigm?    

You can sign up for General Public Talks by clicking on the links below:

  • 14 Octobre 2019 Jean-Pierre Luminet "Dernière Nouvelle des trous noirs" 

  • 21 Octobre 2019 Pierre Vanhove "L’attraction de la gravitation"

  • 31 Octobre 2019 Hubert Revees "Histoire de l'univers"

  • 7 November 2019 Jean-François Clervoye "Les défis du vol spatial" 

Scientific Organising Committee :

L. Amendola (Heidelberg), Lars Bergstrom (Stockholm),  P. Brax (Paris-Saclay), A.C. Davis (Cambridge),  Y. Mambrini (Paris-Saclay), A. Masiero (Padova), S. Matarrese (Padova),  C. Munoz (Madrid) , K. Olive (Minnesota). 

Local Organising Committee:

P. Brax, C. Charmousis, E. Dudas, A. Falkowski, Y. Mambrini, F. Schussler.


The list of registered participants is available here


You can find the slides here