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"Geometry and Topology in the Quantum"

Are you fascinated by the captivating intersection of geometry, topology, and quantum physics? Do you wish to deepen your knowledge in this rapidly evolving field? Look no further! Our course, "Geometry and Topology in the Quantum," is tailor-made for you.

About the Course: Our course provides a unique opportunity to explore the geometric foundations and topological aspects of quantum physics. Taught by renowned experts in the field, this course will guide you through a series of captivating lectures covering a range of exciting topics.

📅 Courses Dates: June 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th, 2023  📍 Location: Auditorium of Institut d’Optique

Target Audience: This course is open to Master's students, PhD students, post-docs, and researchers who wish to deepen their understanding of quantum geometry and topology. Whether you are at the beginning of your academic journey or seeking to expand your expertise, this course will provide you with a rewarding learning experience.

📜 Abstract Highlights 📜

🔸 Topological and entangled aspects in Quantum Physics and Matter: Discover the foundations and applications of topological lattice models, protected transport, light-matter interaction, and quantum circuits. Dive into the relationship between entangled wavefunctions, topological numbers, and Majorana fermions.

🔸 Quantum fluctuations in electrical circuits: Explore the effects of quantum fluctuations on electrical currents in quantum conductors and their coupling to the electromagnetic environment. Learn how this coupling can modify transport properties and imprint quantum properties into emitted radiation.

🔸 Hofstadter's butterfly and the quantum Hall effect: Uncover the fascinating concept of Hofstadter's butterfly, its connection to the quantum Hall effect, and its experimental realizations in electronic systems and ultra-cold atoms

Join us for this extraordinary learning opportunity and expand your knowledge of Geometry and Topology in the Quantum!

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We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional course on Geometry and Topology in the Quantum!