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Building large instruments for neuroimaging: from population imaging to ultra-high magnetic fields (BAOBAB)

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Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Commissioning of the Iseult CEA 11.7 T whole-body MRI: current status, gradient–magnet interaction tests and first imaging experience Lionel Quettier 01/01/2023 Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology, and Medicine
Refining the delivery and therapeutic efficacy of cetuximab using focused ultrasound in a mouse model of glioblastoma: An <sup>89</sup>Zr-cetuximab immunoPET study Estelle Porret, Dimitri Kereselidze, Ambre Dauba, Arnaud Schweitzer-Chaput, Benoit Jegot, Nicolas Tournier, Anthony Novell, Charles Truillet 01/01/2023 European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
Breaking photoswitch activation depth limit using ionising radiation stimuli adapted to clinical application Guillaume Bernadat 01/12/2022 Nature Communications
Regulation of P-glycoprotein and Breast Cancer Resistance Protein Expression Induced by Focused Ultrasound-Mediated Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption: A Pilot Study Anthony Novell, Nicolas Tournier 01/12/2022 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Molecular Imaging of Ultrasound-Mediated Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption in a Mouse Orthotopic Glioblastoma Model Anthony Novell 01/10/2022 Pharmaceutics

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