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Aérodynamique, Aéroélasticité, Acoustique (DAAA)

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    Université Paris-Saclay, ONERA

Les 20 dernières publications

Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
BROADCAST: A high-order compressible CFD toolbox for stability and sensitivity using Algorithmic Differentiation Arthur Poulain, Cédric Content, Denis Sipp 01/02/2023 Computer Physics Communications
Data-driven wall models for Reynolds Averaged Navier–Stokes simulations Michele Romanelli, Samir Beneddine, Ivan Mary, Denis Sipp 01/02/2023 International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
Nonlinear input feature reduction for data-based physical modeling Samir Beneddine 01/02/2023 Journal of Computational Physics
Reinforcement-learning-based actuator selection method for active flow control Romain Paris, Samir Beneddine, Julien Dandois 25/01/2023 Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Reactive control of second Mack mode in a supersonic boundary layer with free-stream velocity/density variations Pierre Nibourel, Colin Leclercq, Eric Garnier, Denis Sipp 10/01/2023 Journal of Fluid Mechanics
A discontinuous Galerkin spectral element method for a nonconservative compressible multicomponent flow model Pratik Rai, Florent Renac 01/01/2023 Journal of Computational Physics
Experiment on jet-vortex interaction for variable mutual spacing Vincent Brion, Marie Couliou, Pascal Molton 01/01/2023 Physics of Fluids
Modeling of indirect combustion noise through a stator Maxime Huet 08/12/2022 Journal of Sound and Vibration
Dense velocity, pressure and Eulerian acceleration fields from single-instant scattered velocities through Navier-Stokes-based data assimilation Vincent Mons, O. Marquet, B. Leclaire 01/12/2022 Measurement Science and Technology
On the Use of Bi-species ZDES for Multi-nozzle Space Launcher Configurations Jolan Reynaud, Pierre Elie Weiss, Sébastien Deck 01/11/2022 Flow, Turbulence and Combustion
Zonal Detached Eddy Simulation of the Fan-Outlet Guide Vanes Stage of a Turbofan Engine: Part I—Methodology, Numerical Setup, and Aerodynamic Analysis Benjamin Francois, Cyril Polacsek, Raphael Barrier 01/11/2022 Journal of Turbomachinery
An application of the multiple-scales theory to acoustic double transition in ducts with flow B. Mangin, M. Daroukh 24/10/2022 Journal of Sound and Vibration
Experimental and numerical investigation on the accuracy of phosphor particle streak velocimetry Benoît Fond 01/10/2022 Experiments in Fluids
Structural optimization of an aeroelastic wind tunnel model for unsteady transonic testing Arnaud Lepage, Nicolò Fabbiane 01/10/2022 CEAS Aeronautical Journal
Aeroelastic-tailoring of a wind-tunnel model for passive alleviation of static and dynamic loads Nicolò Fabbiane, Arnaud Lepage 01/10/2022 CEAS Aeronautical Journal
Three-dimensional density field of a screeching under-expanded jet in helical mode using multi-view digital holographic interferometry F. Nicolas 25/09/2022 Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Assessment and numerical validation of a normal mode stability analysis for conjugate heat transfer Olivier Gicquel 01/08/2022 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
A comprehensive framework for high fidelity computations of two-species compressible turbulent flows Jolan Reynaud, Pierre Elie Weiss, Sébastien Deck, P. Guillen 01/08/2022 Journal of Computational Physics
Ordinary differential equations for the adjoint Euler equations J. Peter 01/08/2022 Physics of Fluids
Identification and reconstruction of high-frequency fluctuations evolving on a low-frequency periodic limit cycle: application to turbulent cylinder flow Lucas Franceschini, Denis Sipp, O. Marquet, Johann Moulin, Julien Dandois 10/07/2022 Journal of Fluid Mechanics

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