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Journée BrainstormNano 2024

L’Institut des Nanosciences PSiNano organise le vendredi 29 mars 2024 une journée BrainstormNano intitulée : Le désordre à l'échelle nanométrique en tant que ressource. A partir de présentations d’orateurs issus de disciplines différentes, l’objectif sera d’échanger et de confronter expériences et points de vue quant à l’intérêt du désordre et son exploitation en vue d’améliorer les propriétés de différents systèmes physiques, chimiques, biologiques … Programme ci-dessous. 

Description of the context

Can nanoscale disorder be exploited as a resource for improving physical and chemical systems? Nature offers plenty of examples of how disorder improves energy flows and conversion to the point of being necessary for its functioning. The objective of this atelier is to explore in an interdisciplinary and among others in a bioinspired perspective, the counterintuitive concept of considering disorder as a tool for improving efficiency and robustness in micro and nanosystems.

The atelier, part of the BrainStormNano program of the Paris-Saclay Nanoscience Institute (PSiNano) will take place at the Institut Pascal in collaboration with the C’Nano-CNRS and is open to academics and industrials from all disciplines who are interested in how exploiting disorder might benefit their work.

We have invited leading biologists, physicists, and chemists to give a general overview of disorder in nature and in self-assembled structures, the challenges to characterize disorder in materials, and how to exploit this feature in a variety of contexts. It will be organized in three sessions, and intercalated by open discussions focusing on (1) Understanding, conceptualizing disordered systems, (2) Characterizing disorder at the nanoscale and (3) Exploiting Disorder as a resource, during which we will try to shed some light onto questions such as: (i) how can disorder be conceptualized into measurable parameters? (ii) What strategies are available for measuring perturbations at the nanoscale? (iii) can universal metrics be extracted? (iv) how scalable are strategies to generate controlled disorder?

The event is designed to encourage exchanges between participants and embryos of research projects which, if necessary/possible, could be financially supported by PSINano. The atelier will have a strong focus on the interaction between the lecturers and the attendees with a goal of foster interdisciplinary cooperation to create study, characterize, and exploit disorder as a new resource.