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Jean-Jacques Greffet

Laboratoire : Charles Fabry (LCF)
Institut d'Optique

Téléphone : 01 64 53 31 86
E-mail :


Jean-Jacques Greffet received his PhD in solid state physics in 1988 from Université Paris-Sud. He is a professor at Institut d'Optique and a senior member of Institut Universitaire de France. He made contributions to the field of nanoantennas including the proposal for using nanoantennas with single quantum emitters to control lifetime and directional emission and the introduction of patch nanoantennas in the field of single photon emitters. He made seminal contributions to the topic of coherent thermal emission and near-field radiative heat transfer. His current research interests deals with revisiting fundamental quantum optics experiments with surface plasmons (wave-particle duality, Hong Ou Mandel experiment, photon-plasmon entanglement) and controlling light-matter interaction at the nanoscale using plasmonic resonators and nanoantennas. He is an OSA fellow and the recipient of the Servant prize of the french Academy of Science.

  • Sujets de recherche Nanophotonics, quantum plasmonics
  • Thèmes de recherche Photonique quantique
  • Mots-clés Surface plasmon, single photon sources, nano antennas, microcavities


Publications importantes

  • Light emission by nonequilibrium bodies: local Kirchhoff law, J.J. Greffet, P. Bouchon, G. Brucoli, F. Marquier, Phys.Rev.X 8, 021008 (2018).
  • Plasmonic Interferences of two-particle N00N states, B. Vest, I. Shlesinger, M.C. Dheur, E. Devaux, J.-J. Greffet, G. Messin, F. Marquier, New J. Phys. 20 053050 (2018).
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  • Anti-coalescence of bosons on a lossy beam splitter, B. Vest, M.C Dheur, E. Devaux, A. Baron, E. Rousseau, J.P. Hugonin, J.J. Greffet, G. Messin, F. Marquier, Science 356, 1373 (2017)
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