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Focus User's Guide

Focus User's Guide


1. Focus, what is it ?

2. How to perform a search ?

3. What can I find ?

4. How can I access the fulltext ?

5. Asking for help


1.Focus, what is it ?

Focus is a search engine that indexes books, scientific journals, ejournals, ebooks and data bases from the collections of the Université Paris-Saclay and millions of scientific open access ejournals (HaL, ArXiv, licences nationales, Persee)...

Focus allows you to search books, ebooks, scientific journals, articles and data bases available in the Université Paris-Saclay libraries and resource centers.


2.How to perform a search ?

Focus is available at the following address : .


Focus has different views : a shared view and many local views. It is possible to access this views by clicking on the logo of  the institutions in the home page :

Just type one or more words that you are looking for and press Enter :

You can type a subject, a book title, a journal title or an article title, an author, an ISBN or ISSN, a DOI...

You can tweak the results by using the facets (filter) on the left side of the page by : resource type, subject, author, publication dates...

It is possible to tick the facets on which you wish to adjust the search, or exclude some facets.

Explications facettes FOCUS


« Expand My Results » add to the search the results without the fulltext.

This option is useful when looking for bibliographic references.


The number in parenthesis shows the number of results for a facet.


It is possible to select many facets at once, then apply the filters.


Look out : the filters "Institution" and "Library" don't take into account online resources, the filter only apply to the document from the library's collections.

It is possible to retrieve citations, to send by email the result or to pin it, by clicking directly on the icons on the top right corner of the result :

It is possible to see the pinned results by clicking on the pin icon on the top right corner of the page :


When performing a research on the view of an institution, I can do the same search on the shared view by clicking on "Expand the search : Université Paris-Saclay" :

étendre la recherche - FOCUS


3.What can I find ?

On Focus, we find online articles, books, ebooks, journals, thesis, conference proceedings, maps, patents, images, videos...

The results are whether online, or in the library from Université Paris-Saclay (see How can I access the fulltext?).

On the local views, I can access directly databases subscribed by my institution. For example by typing "lexis" on the view of UEVE, I can have directly access to the database Lexis360 :


4.How can I access the fulltext?

If it is a physical document, it is possible to consult the document in the library or to borrow it. To know where to find it, I click on the result :

I can see above that this book is available in Télécom ParisTech, Télécom SudParis et Ecole de Management and Université Paris-Sud.

If it is an online document :

  • in open access, I have directly access :

Clicking on "Full text available" gives directly access to the document.

  • for subscriber only, I need to click on the name or on the logo of my institution to access :

It is possible to access the document via AgroParisTech, CentraleSupélec, ENSAE, ENS Paris-Saclay, Université d’Evry-Val-d’Essonne, Télécom SudParis, Télécom ParisTech, Bibliothèque Jacques Hadamard and Université Paris-Sud.

The different access are also displayed on the full display of the results :

The access to the full text is displayed differently for online journals and some ebooks :

On the two examples above, the access to the full text is via two different institutions and I can access the ebook or the journal only if I have the login of the institution bu clicking on "Online Access", then I have to log into my account.


5.Asking for help

If you have any question, you can ask the librarians of your institution.