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Residence permit ‘job search/business creation’ (RECE)

To apply for a "job search/business creation" residence permit you must :

  • Be an international student (except for Algerian students and students coming from countries that have signed specific bilateral agreements) with a "student" residence permit or a "Passeport Talent" residence permit. If you are from a country that have signed a bilateral aggreement with France, you can apply for a "provisional residence permit (APS).
  • Hold at least a Master's degree froma French higher education institution
  • You should apply for the RECE permit before your residence permit expires.


In ordre to apply you must make an appointment with the Préfecture of your place of residence :

  • You will need to provide supporting documents at the appointment
  • If you have submitted a complete application and according to your situation, the Préfecture will issue you with a receipt
  • You will then receive a short text message on your telephone stating that your residence permit is ready. Prior to collecting the document, you will have to pay the €75 fiscal stamp or €225 if you previously held a "Passeport  Talent" residence permit.

You can buy fiscal stamps at the tobacconist’s (ask for an online fiscal stamp for ‘residence permits for foreigners’/timbre fiscal électronique ‘titre pour étrangers’) or online on the ANEF website or the French tax authority website.

Please note that this residence permit  is valid for one year and is not renewable.