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International doctoral actions for Cotutelle of Université Paris-saclay 2022

In 2022 the IDEX Paris-Saclay finances the ADI program (PhD International Actions – cotutelle) in order to support the establishment of PhD projects as part of the international dual PhD degree.

The program has several main objectives:

  1. To Begin ambitious PhD projects as part of the international dual PhD degree
  2. To Encourage the international mobility of the PhD students
  3. To Contribute to the internationalization of the PhD schools and the research laboratories
  4. To contribute to the development of partnerships and the international attractiveness of the Paris-Saclay University

All of the 21 Phd Schools as well as the laboratories of the University Paris-Saclay are concerned.

Access conditions to the program

  • The candidate must have obtained a Master’s Degree or an equivalent degree in order to register for a PhD
  • The candidate must not have been registered for a thesis for more than 8 months at the date of receipt of the application and must be able to carry out a research project in this operation conditions
  • The application for international dual PhD degree must be submitted by the holder of the project
  1. The project must be in line with an international dual PhD degree with a dual-registration in a PhD in France and in another country, in the University Paris-Saclay and in a partner institution of a foreign country. The request for a tutelle must be done before applying to this project (See the conditions of the international dual PhD degree before applying)
  2. The foreign partner institution must be accredited in order to award the PhD and it must have given a specific principle aggreement, in the case of a success, for a international dual PhD degree (that is to say a dual-PhD degree)
  3. The planned conditions must be in compliance with the PhD Charter of the University Paris-Saclay, the national regulatory framework and the internal regulations
  4. The thesis director in the foreign partner institution undertakes to co-lead the thesis and support the application and the project
  5. The research unit hosting the PhD student in France must be part of the University Paris-Saclay (Consult the list of the units on Bibliolabs)
  6. The length of the stay at the university Paris-Saclay is at least 12 months. The length of the stay in the foreign partner institution is at least 12 months as well
  7. The eligibility by one of the PhD schools of the University Paris-Saclay is subject to obtaining a financing for each of the institutions
  8. A co-financing certificate from the partner institution (or country) with a minimum length of 12 months and in any case of the additional length to the number of months requested as part of this call, must be attached to the file.

2022 schedule

The submit of the thesis subjects by the thesis directors must be done by March, 15 at the latest (and in any case according to the dates announced by the PhD School).

The applocation files must be sent by April, 18 at the latest (and in any case according to the dates announced by the PhD School).

The PhD Schools have until June, 6 to pass the application files to the Selection Commission.

The Selection Committee will meet on June, 20 2022 at 2pm.

Apply for a Cotutelle

In order to fulfill the first condition of this registration, it is necessary to submit your cotutelle request via the interface below.

  • In case two projects of international dual PhD degree are submitted as part of this registration for applications with an aggreement whereby one of the co-tutored doctoral students is 100% financed by IDEX Paris-Saclay and the other 100% by the foreign partner institution. Then it will be necessary to submit two separate requests (as part of this call for project) by specifying in a very explicit way, in each one, the set-up of the co-financing and the links between both applications in both files. This type of set-up is encouraged.

Reinforced partnerships exist between several international universities, the most notable one being the European University EUGLOH of which the University Paris-Saclay is a part. The candidates are asked to put forward their participation in Master Programs between the University Paris-Saclay and a foreign partner university.

  • The application files must be submitted via ADUM before April, 18 2022
  • The candidates must be auditioned by the PhD School attached to their project before June, 6 2022.

Each candidate will have to submit via this application portal a specific file that must include the following documents :

  • A cover letter
  • The PhD project and the recommendation of the PhD School on it
  • One or more support and commitment letters from the foreign partner institution
  • An acknowledgement of receipt of the submit of the cotutelle request (See above)
  • A support letter from the thesis director at the University Paris-Saclay
  • At least one support and engagement letter from a co-financer
  • The eligible applications will be examined by the Selection Committee of the Program
  • The application summary including (in PDF, max 2 pages)
    - The proof that the foreign partner institution, if applicable, subject to success in this registration for applications, undertakes to establish an international dual PhD degree agreement (double degree) with the University Paris-Saclay. The cosupervision is not enough. This letter will have to be signed by the president of the foreign institution or one of their agents
    - The proof that the foreign thesis director undertakes to conduct the thesis of the PhD student in cotutelle
    - At least one support and commitment letter from a co-financer of the partner country that covers the amount of months that was not asked as part of the IIDEX. Find all the details here : (link) The eligible applications will be examined by the Selection Committee of the Program.

Find all the details here :

The eligible applications will be examined by the Selection Committee of the Program.

Evaluation criteria of the projects and the application by the committee

The Selection Committee will take into consideration :

  1. A motivated opinion on the excellence of the application as a whole (the candidate, the PhD project, the international partnership project, the two laboratories, the supervision conditions in both institutions
  2. The quality of both reception and supervision teams, the originality of the subject and the scientific risk the candidate takes, the international and interdisciplinary openness of the PhD project.
  1. The motives of the candidate so as to work on their PhD in international thesis cotutelle
  2. The experience of collaboration between the partners (supervisor, research teams)
  3. The envisaged scientific cooperation, the way the international coordination is planned to carry out this PhD project
  4. The assurance of obtaining a supplementary financing from the partner

The ADI Commission will carry out :

  1. The evaluation of the involvment and the participation of the foreign partner institution, as well as the support brought to the project
  2. The verification of the registration of this agreement in an already structured institutional partnership, or of its new collaboration status.

Recruitment procedure of the successful candidates

The successful PhD students in the PhD Program ADI who receive a financing from IDEX Paris-Saclay (and completed by a financing from the foreign partner) will be hired by the University Paris-Saclay.

  • The level of gross monthly wage is brought into line with the level of the public law doctoral contract as defined in the year of the ADI 2022 registration for projects

The methods of funding of the supplementary period are set by the foreign partner (scolarship, contract).

  • The financing given as part of this call does not provide any possibility to obtain extension of the financing beyond the amount of months that were given.

Contacts of the international center