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ORCID, a central ID

What is ORCID?

ORCID – Open research and contributor identifier- is a non-profit organisation supported by Université Paris-Saclay that assigns a unique, individual and permanent ID to authors of scientific publications.

Creation of an ORCID persistent identifier is voluntary, free and takes less than a minute. About 10 million researchers worldwide now have an ORCID and more than 1,000 institutions use it.

What are the 7 good reasons to use an ORCID login?

The ORCID persistent identifier unambiguously distinguishes you from other researchers and solves the frequent confusion caused by homonyms.

ORCID is an interconnected system with a large number of research parties who use it to find you in their own information systems. The mention of an ORCID is strongly recommended, if not indispensable, for submitting a publication to most of the major scientific publishers (Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, etc.) and is increasingly used by funding agencies.

It is possible to link your ORCID persistent identifier to the largest bibliometric databases such as Scopus or the Web of Science, as well as to open archives such as HAL or ArXiv. All your references are thus centralised on your ORCID page.

By linking your different IDs, ORCID prevents you from entering identical data several times, in particular your publication references. Import and export your references between interconnected databases via ORCID.

Your ORCID page is a single entry point to your CV and productions. Your work is better connected and more easily found in search engines and databases such as bibliometric tools and citation indexes.

ORCID allows you to choose whether or not to make all or part of your work visible, with three levels of visibility: private, limited (trusted third party organisations only) and public.

An ORCID persistent identifier makes it easier for other researchers to find you. You remain identified throughout the chain of your scientific activities: submission and publication of articles, data sharing, funding applications, peer reviewing, etc. The ORCID persistent identifier follows you throughout your career and remains the same even if you change institutions.

What are the services offered by Université Paris-Saclay via ORCID?

Université Paris-Saclay has developed an app which uses the interconnections allowed by ORCID to facilitate the deposit of your publications in the HAL open archive:

  • Authentication to the "BiblioHAL" deposit interface with your ORCID login

Connect to BiblioHAL by entering your ORCID login directly. You can also create one for yourself at the same time.

  • Automatic entry of your publication references on HAL from ORCID (coming soon).

The publications listed on your ORCID page will be automatically proposed to you for deposit in HAL.

  • Automatic update of your ORCID profile (coming soon).

Publications present in BiblioHAL may appear on your ORCID page if they are not already there.

Université Paris-Saclay supports you

Do you have a question or a remark about ORCID and researcher logins or about the "BiblioHAL" deposit app? Librarians will answer your questions at this address: