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Why ? 

This professional network, to which you choose to join or not, aims to create a space for direct exchanges between doctoral students and doctors from Université Paris-Saclay, doctoral students and their representatives, doctoral associations and doctors.

This network is an initiative of one of you, representing doctoral students on the council of the doctoral college. It should allow doctoral students and alumni to contact each other, to access information more vivid and more accurate than statistical information on employment. For a PhD or doctor, this network allows to consult the professional profile or to contact an Alumni of UPSaclay, for example:

  • To have vivid and practical information on international mobility. For example: being able to ask practical questions to an Alumni who has stayed at a university or a laboratory that would interest you abroad,
  • To exchange with an Alumni who works in a company that interests you or who has created its own company,
  • To discover companies, universities, organizations, professions that you would not necessarily have thought of by consulting the professional profiles of Alumnis in its field,
  • To convince you that you can do it also, by consulting the original experiences that relate the other PhD students and doctors,
  • ...

This network will also allow doctoral colleges and doctoral schools to disseminate information and news, in a way that is less intrusive than e-mail. Of course, to contact you on a personal subject, you will be informed of a deadline that concerns you directly, your doctoral school or the doctoral college will contact you by e-mail. But for all the other news, which may possibly concern you but do not necessarily interest you, which have no personal, urgent or imperative character, social networks are more appropriate.

As a higher education institution, one of our main objectives is that our graduates have the best possible careers regardless of the sector of activity they choose after their defense. To this end, we put in place various support mechanisms for career development, we conduct surveys on the professional development of doctors, participate in the organization of recruitment forums. In this set, this network is, for Université Paris-Saclay, a valuable tool to know what you are becoming and to be able to contact you, after your defense. In a few years, we will allow you to contact you and ask you to kindly give a testimony to the new doctoral candidates about your career at a round table or a forum.

We therefore count on you to make this network of mutual assistance live and fulfill all its objectives.

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