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A professional experience

Doctoral training is a professional research experience. The doctoral degree is recognized as such in collective professionnal agreements (L612-7 of the Education Code). Doctoral training prepares doctoral candidates for research in the public and private sectors (researcher, professors etc ...) but also to many other professions where skills developed by doctoral candidates are valuable and for which the doctorate is synomyne excellence (visit the web site mydocpro).

All elements must be present to make doctoral training a fully professional research experience.

The doctoral candidate is integrated in a professional research environment (the research group), he has got a working space within the research group, he is fully involved in the professional life of the research group or the institution, can take collective responsibility (be an elected member of the councils of the research group, of the graduate school, etc.) and gains information about his organization operation. The doctoral candidate develops professional skills and trains himself on professional ethics of research. If he is preparing his thesis part-time, graduate school ensures that the student can devote sufficient weekly share of his time in the professional research environment.

The European Charter and Code for Researchers

Its activity is part of the general project of the research group and is subject to regular monitoring, at minimum on an annual basis. Each graduate school defines the monitoring arrangements for their field and ensures that monitoring has been performed before each annual registration.

Doctoral candidates are strongly encouraged to prepare their future career. Training programmes dedicated to career development are proposed by the Doctoral College with respect to given categories of professional future.

For the PhD admission, the admission process should be open, transparent, supportive and internationally comparable, tailored for positions of doctoral candidates.

For the doctoral candidates the admission process should constitutes an experience of a process of recruiting a young researcher.