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Outstanding research experience

The doctorate allows a candidate to dedicate her or himself almost exclusively to a specialized research topic for 3 years. This is a unique, exciting and rewarding experience.

Preparing a doctorate requires great personal investment, creativity, and passion for the subject and for research in general. Every thesis does not automatically lead to a major breakthrough in the field, but every doctor will have become an expert in his/her field and will have contributed, through her/his research, to pushing back the boundaries of knowledge.

To obtain her/his doctorate, each doctoral candidate presents his/her thesis before a jury. Defending a thesis consists of presenting an original and coherent vision on the subject of study. This vision has been developed using a critical approach, is well supported by the research work carried out, and is placed in an international scientific context. 

The thesis presents original work of which the doctor is the sole author (in copyright terms). The thesis is deposited in a national archive and can be freely accessed via the portal

For PhD admission, applicants must have identified the challenges, key issues and  originality of their research subjects.
Ambition, scientific risk-taking and interdisciplinary approaches to research topics are encouraged.

Over the course of their theses, candidates are expected to contribute to refining their research project, which should evolve as new results become available