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BioProbe's Funded Projects

BioProbe supports research and training in its preferred scientific themes. Nearly 90% of our budget is allocated to funding innovative projects through tailored calls for proposals. These calls, described in detail on our dedicated page include initiatives such as the Proof of Concept (PoC) Grant Program (for both stages and operations), the International Conference Participation Grant Program, as well as the Training Program for support staff (ITA). We also support internship funding as part of our complementary program (link), as well as conferences held at Paris Saclay. This approach allows us to catalyze innovation by supporting ambitious and innovative projects, while training the next generation of researchers capable of designing and conducting interdisciplinary projects.

Proof of Concepts

The Proof of Concept Grant Program has been a cornerstone of BioProbe since 2022, with 19 projects funded to date. Each project, typically involving two partners (sometimes one) from the same Graduate School or different Graduate Schools, aims to initiate collaborations, explore new themes, develop pilots, or enable the finalization of a project or valorization approach. Here are some examples of funded projects: 

  • PROCEED: Development of a microfluidic system for predictive modeling of the interaction between bacteria and microalgae, leading to the award of an ANRJCJC grant in 2023.
  • BioForce: Development of force nanosensors to explore the mechanosensitivity of adhesion proteins, resulting in the submission of an ANRJCJC grant application in 2024, as well as an M2 internship co-financed by the GDR ImaBio and participations in international conferences.
  • AzoMito: Confirmation of mitochondrial azoreductase activity by fluorescence imaging, with a publication in Analytical Chemistry (ACS Anal. Chem. 2024, 96, 4, 1774–1780).
  • SmartProbe (Confidential Project): BioProbe contributed to the funding of a postdoctoral fellow whose work led to a proof of concept, the development of which is funded by SATT Paris Saclay for patent filing and a maturation project (AAP POC’UP). 


  • FluoKSens / Jean Pierre Mothet (LuMIn) and Isabelle Leray (PPSM)
  • ProbAVir / Francois Treussart (LuMIn) and Christelle Langevin (IERP, INRAE)
  • SmartProbe / Stéphanie Deville-Foillard (ICSN) and Erika Porcel (ISMO)
  • TradCell / Olivier Namy (I2BC) and Karen Perronet (LuMIn)
  • BioForce / Marcelina Cardoso Dos Santos (I2BC) and Agathe Urvoas (I2BC)
  • AMBROSIA / Rachel Méallet (ISMO) and Gilles Clavier (PPSM)
  • AzoMito / Arnaud Chevalier (ICSN) and Florence Mahuteau (Institut Curie)
  • HyperCells / Sophie Dupré (ICP) and Agnes Delaunay (I2BC)
  • MGMT-PROBE / Anton Granzhan (Institut Curie) and Sandrine Piguel (BioCis)
  • PROCEED / Sakina Chantoiseau-Bensalem (LuMIn)
  • SFEcov / Sandra Bregant (SIMoS - CEA)


  • EndoSIMS / Luis Augusto (I2BC) and Isabelle Ribaud (IJCLab)
  • NanEAU-IR / Jérémie Mathurin (ICP) and Human Rezaie (INRAE)       
  • NanoFlash / Pauline Maury (IGR) and Erika Porcel (ISMO) 
  • PhagoPhase / Oliver Nüsse (ICP) and Alexandra Zak (R&D PHASICS)
  • Fluo-iSCAT / Karen Perronet (LuMin) and Guillaume Tresset (LPS)
  • SnapCup / Sana Tfaili (LipSys²) and Jean Philippe Michel (IGPS)
  • BB-LUMIN / Hafsa Korri-Youssoufi (ICMMO) and Rachel Méallet (ISMO)
  • RONICUB Cécile Bouton (ICP) 

International Conference Participation Funding

The International Conference Participation Funding Program has supported 12 doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers in attending international conferences and thematic schools to present their work through posters, oral presentations, and hands on.


  • Merve Nur Tunc, MICALIS, INRAe, (ED SDSV)
  • Virgile Guéneau, MICALIS, INRAe (ED ABIES)
  • Riya George, ICMMO, Faculté des Sciences d’Orsay (ED 2MIB)
  • Margaux Petay, ICP, Faculté des Sciences d’Orsay (ED 2MIB)
  • Claire Tardif, UMR 8612 , Faculté de Pharmacie (ED 2MIB)


  • Audrey Ntadambanya, I2BC (ED EOBE)
  • Dounia Zamiati, ICP, Faculté des Sciences d’Orsay (ED BioSigne)
  • Kumar Amit, SCBM, CEA 
  • Laurent Le, ISMO, Faculté des Sciences d’Orsay (ED EDOM)
  • Francois Nghiem, NIMBE, CEA (ED 2MIB)
  • Merve Nur Tunc, MICALIS, INRAe (ED SDSV)
  • Julien Pernier, UMR1279, Gustave Roussy, post doctorant

Training for Support Staff

Our funding program also extends to supporting support staff, with four beneficiaries already having had the opportunity to train in new techniques, access cutting-edge imaging platforms, and participate in thematic schools, thereby enhancing their expertise and contribution to research.


  • Hadrien Jalabert (Plateforme SpICy) : flow cytometry


  • Céline Férard (CPSysBio, ICP): transmission electron microscopy for cell biology
  • Kaouter Ben Arfa Haddad (CAPRI, ICP) : mass spectrometry 
  • Laetitia Besse (MIC@Curie / Pôle de Microscopie Photonique) : functional microscopy for biology

Internship Funding

BioProbe's commitment is also visible through the funding of internships, particularly within the framework of the complementary program, which offers two paid internships during the gap year between M1 and M2, enabling students to develop practical skills and research experience.


  • Flore Baillavoine (M1 Chimie site Versailles)

    • « Synthesis of lipid-porphyrin conjugates and formulation of photoactivable liposomal assemblies. Evaluation of their antibacterial and anti-biofilm effects» with Ali Makky (Institut Galien Paris-Saclay, stage 1) and Christophe Regeard (I2BC, stage 2)

  • Mathieu Lordez (M1 Chimie et Biologie)

    • « Study of photocontrolled ion complexation by photocommutable glycomacrocycles» with  Joanne Xie (PPSM, ENS) 

    • « New probes for photoacoustic imaging» with Rachel Méallet (ISMO), Gilles Clavier (PPSM, ENS) and Nicolas Tsapis (IGPS)


  • Constance Sibille (M1 chimie voie Frederic Joliot Curie)

    • « Antibiotic-photocatalyst conjugates for the eradication of multi-drug-resistant pathogens in photodynamic therapy» with Dominique Fourmy (LPBA, ENS) 

    • « Defining a redox signature of the UPR using genetic biosensors» with Agnès Delaunay (I2BC)

Conference Sponsorship

BioProbe's funding program also includes sponsoring conferences held on campus aimed at enhancing the visibility of the University and the Paris-Saclay community.

November 15-17, 2023 (80 participants)

Local organization : Laura Baciou (ICP), Oliver Nüsse (BioProbe)

Keynotes (related to BioProbe): D. Ezerina (VIB-VUB), G. Noctor (ISP), R. Labruere (ICMMO) J. Couturier (IAM, Nancy)

January 24-26, 2024 (250 participants)

Local organization: Boris Vauzeilles et Dominique Guianvarc’h (BioProbe), Wadih Ghattas (ICMMO), Daniela Verga (Curie, PhysChemCell22)

Keynotes (related to BioProbe): A. Klymchenko (Unistra), S. Sagan (SU), O Vazquez (Marburg)