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Inserm and Université Paris-Saclay strengthen their shared scientific strategy

Research Article published on 26 September 2023 , Updated on 02 October 2023

On Tuesday 26 September 2023, Université Paris-Saclay and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) signed a partnership agreement aimed at consolidating their joint scientific strategy, implemented predominately in their shared laboratories.

Didier Samuel, Chairman and CEO of Inserm, and Estelle Iacona, President of Université Paris-Saclay, signed the partnership agreement as part of a drive to strengthen the scientific collaborations carried out in the research units which are jointly operated by the two partners and which contribute to the university’s Graduate Schools and cross-disciplinary programmes. Inserm guarantees a coherent and interlinking relationship between France’s national health policy and the university’s own health research policy.

Université Paris-Saclay and Inserm commit to providing resources and means to consolidate the transfer of knowledge between basic research and research in health, as well as supporting innovative research programmes. The objective is fourfold:

  • to guarantee top-level scientific output and continuity between biological and biomedical research and medical, clinical and public health research
  • to ensure coherence between education and research and contribute to the quality of teaching for students in research and via research
  • to encourage the pooling of resources, support and means of concertation, and the development of shared infrastructure and platforms to promote collaboration for research in life sciences and health
  • to develop partnership, technology transfer and development opportunities together.

“This partnership agreement demonstrates a scientific ambition shared by both Université Paris-Saclay and Inserm – bringing therapeutic research and clinical practice closer together. Signing this agreement in a strategic field for the university will make daily work easier for our teams. It represents a precious tool for us to continue our work together,” said Estelle Iacona, President of Université Paris-Saclay.

“I am delighted to sign this partnership agreement with Université Paris-Saclay which formalises a long-standing partnership between our two institutions. Providing fellow citizens with excellent medicine and healthcare requires top-level health research. This is the shared objective that we continue to set ourselves today by creating tools and a working environment which are both conducive to the work of our teams,” said Didier Samuel, Chairman and CEO of Inserm.