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My Cryo Firm on quantum technologies

My Cryo Firm is a company specialised in cryogenics that develops tools to reach very low temperatures (less than 4 K). These tools are essential to observe many quantum phenomena.

Because of their fragility, quantum states are extremely difficult to observe, which is why My Cryo Firm offers adaptable and scalable products to match the needs of researchers and their most advanced experiments. In this context, My Cryo Firm designs and tests custom-made products adapted to very specific quantum applications (detectors, unique photon sources, computers and quantum simulators, etc.).

Relying on a team comprising a great number of specialists trained in quantum technologies, My Cryo Firm is able to understand and respond to the very specific needs of this field. This leads My Cryo Firm to collaborate with many specialized laboratories and start-ups, amongst them some within Université Paris-Saclay.

My Cryo Firm is also an active member of two European consortia within the framework of the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, which aims to develop quantum applications. My Cryo Firm thus contributes to the PASQuanS (Programmable Atomic Large Scale Quantum Simulation) and QIA (Quantum Internet Alliance) projects.