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L'Édition of Université Paris-Saclay #22



  • Teaching, learning: Discovering doctoral education pathway
    - PhDTrack: a new programme for embarking on the path to a PhD
    - The University's Undergraduate School
  • Science outreach: Déclics collège in Montlhéry
    - Artists' Residencies: Université Paris-Saclay opens its doors to artistic creation
    - Discover science: the CEA's Cyclope conferences
  • Research: Sustainable development and research
    - The path of a laboratory in transition
  • Research: Deciphering history and heritage
  • Business & Innovation: 5G and networks of the future
  • Research: Environment, animals, humans: the One Health approach
    - New University Hospital Institutes (IHU) and bio cluster at Université Paris-Saclay
  • Research: Low energy cosmic rays: between mysteries and applications
    - The satellite whisperers: portraits of instrumental scientists
  • Seen from abroad: Portrait of a globe-trotting student, now a PhD candidate at CEA Paris-Saclay
  • Campus life: The University in support of Ukranian mathematics students
    - Curiositas Festival: a campus celebrates!
    - Open science: services for everyone
    - On the plateau, Lumen opens


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