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Institut de Chimie Physique (ICP)

Laboratory presentation

The Physical Chemistry Institute (ICP) is a multidisciplinary joint research laboratory (UMR 8000) where chemists, biologists and physicists are gathered around several societal challenges in the fields of Health (e.g. oxidative stress and theranostics), Environment (e.g. trace analysis, air and water depollution) and Energy (e.g. fuel cells, biofuels, photo- and/or electro-catalysis), which are explored with both theoretical and experimental approaches. Several theoretical approaches (in the context of the conception of software) and innovative experimental methodologies have been developed (some of them patented) in the ICP, namely the use of gold nanoparticles for therapeutic applications and the study of electron transfer in condensed media in order to unravel the elementary steps in redox reaction mechanisms. Scientific equipment and especially the platforms (CLIO, ELYSE, Gamma Source, SpICy, and Mass Spectrometry) of LCP are opened to academic and industrial collaborations. Several partnerships with the industry are under way, some of them concerning PhD research projects. It should also be stressed that ICP is strongly involved in the teaching of Physical Chemistry and its interfaces at the Paris-Sud Paris-Saclay University, as well as in the popularisation of Science.