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Biologie de la Reproduction, Environnement, Epigénétique, et Développement (BREED)

Laboratory presentation

UMR BDR research focuses on the mechanisms of phenotype development in farmed mammals.
The objective is to study the impact during embryonic and fetal development, culture medium, maternal nutrition, environmental pollutants, and livestock systems, on growth, health and the fertility of the offspring.
This work combines observations and measurements on cells, embryos, fetuses and animals at different ages. They aim at an understanding of the mechanisms involved, by imaging or molecular (epigenetic, metabolic and transcriptomic) analyzes. Research is carried out simultaneously on several species (mouse, rabbit, ruminants) allowing a comparative physiology approach. This work also uses reproductive biotechnologies used in animal husbandry.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
25 years after Dolly: Update on long-term effects of embryo biotechnologies Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 04/01/23 Reproduction in Domestic Animals
Histone remodeling reflects conserved mechanisms of bovine and human preimplantation development Michelle M. Halstead, Amélie Bonnet-Garnier 03/06/23 EMBO Reports
Early Diagnosis of Ongoing Metabolic Bone Disease of Prematurity with Elevated Serum Alkaline Phosphatase Emmanuelle Motte-Signoret 03/01/23 Indian Journal of Pediatrics
PIPAC nebulizer: How to test the new devices in the market, expert recommendations Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 02/01/23 Journal of Visceral Surgery
Early elevated alkaline phosphatase as a surrogate biomarker of ongoing metabolic bone disease of prematurity Emmanuelle Motte-Signoret 01/01/23 European Journal of Pediatrics
Correlative multiscale microCT-SBF-SEM imaging of resin-embedded tissue Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 01/01/23 Methods in Cell Biology
Is sonographic measurement of head-perineum distance useful to predict obstetrical anal sphincter injury in case of vacuum delivery? P. Berveiller 12/01/22 International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Dynamic enlargement and mobilization of lipid droplets in pluripotent cells coordinate morphogenesis during mouse peri-implantation development Vincent Brochard, Mélanie Pailles, A. Jouneau 12/01/22 Nature Communications
H3K27me3 at pericentromeric heterochromatin is a defining feature of the early mouse blastocyst Mélanie Pailles, Mélanie Hirlemann, Vincent Brochard, Martine Chebrout, Jean François Oudin, A. Jouneau, Amélie Bonnet-Garnier 12/01/22 Scientific Reports
Cryptic splice site poisoning and meiotic arrest caused by a homozygous frameshift mutation in RBMXL2: A case report Farah Ghieh, Marine Poulain, Béatrice Mandon-Pepin, Jean Marc Ayoubi, François Vialard 12/01/22 Andrologia
For patients with non-obstructive azoospermia, the outcome of testicular sperm extraction correlates with self-esteem, sexual health and the quality of the couple’s relationship M. Bendayan, Emine Sais, L. Alter, Khadija Fathallah, Florence Boitrelle 12/01/22 Basic and Clinical Andrology
Progesterone differentially affects the transcriptomic profiles of cow endometrial cell types Gilles Charpigny 12/01/22 BMC Genomics
Maternal age affects equine day 8 embryo gene expression both in trophoblast and inner cell mass Emilie Derisoud, Luc Jouneau, Catherine Archilla, Nathalie Daniel, Nathalie Peynot, Michèle Dahirel, Véronique Duranthon, Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 12/01/22 BMC Genomics
Sperm DNA methylation patterns at discrete CpGs and genes involved in embryonic development are related to bull fertility Aurélie Chaulot-Talmon, Hélène Kiefer 12/01/22 BMC Genomics
Predicting male fertility from the sperm methylome: application to 120 bulls with hundreds of artificial insemination records Valentin Costes, Aurélie Chaulot-Talmon, Eli Sellem, Jean Philippe Perrier, Anne Aubert-Frambourg, Luc Jouneau, Charline Pontlevoy, Hélène Jammes, Hélène Kiefer 12/01/22 Clinical Epigenetics
Identification of the Inner Cell Mass and the Trophectoderm Responses after an In Vitro Exposure to Glucose and Insulin during the Preimplantation Period in the Rabbit Embryo Romina Via y Rada, Nathalie Daniel, Catherine Archilla, Anne Frambourg, Luc Jouneau, Gilles Charpigny, Véronique Duranthon, Sophie Calderari 12/01/22 Cells
Predictive value of seminal oxidation-reduction potential analysis for reproductive outcomes of ICSI Florence Boitrelle 11/01/22 Reproductive BioMedicine Online
DHX37 and 46,XY DSD: A New Ribosomopathy? Eric Pailhoux 11/01/22 Sexual Development
European countries have different rates of sperm cryopreservation before vasectomy and at the time of reversal Florence Boitrelle 10/01/22 Andrology
Prepubertal nutritional modulation in the bull and its impact on sperm DNA methylation Hélène Kiefer, Aurélie Chaulot-Talmon, Luc Jouneau, Hélène Jammes 09/01/22 Cell and Tissue Research

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