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How to access digital services

Université Paris-Saclay provides staff and students a secure digital environment and several digital services.

You must activate your IT account to make use of these services (see details below).

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Have you lost your password?

Go to the "Adonis" directory (you do not need to log in) and follow the procedure.

In case of malfunction of a digital service, go to the "Assistance" page of the Intranet portal.

Activate your IT account

To activate your account, you will need your student ID number, which is on your student card and your enrolment certificate. Once you have registered, go to:

Once your account has been activated, you will be given a unique username and password which will allow you to access all the University’s digital services.

To activate your account you will need your registration number, given to you by HR services when you start working at the University.

To activate your account:

Please contact the directory correspondents of your faculty or laboratory.