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Biosphera: thematic programmes

Biosphera offers 8 thematic programmes associating different Master’s degrees, Doctoral Schools and research teams. These programmes provide a key space for scientific and professional activities at the interface between research, education and innovation. They create connections between Master’s and Doctoral levels.

Thematic programmes

  • Animal sciences: from wild to domesticated animals
  • Ecology & evolution
  • Environmental sciences: economics, resources and impacts
  • Food science and human nutrition
  • Microorganisms: from genes to eco-systems
  • Plant sciences: from wild to cultivated plants
  • Sustainable circular bioeconomy
  • Territories and societies: from natural environments to agroecosystems

The first Biosphera Scientific Days: a great success!

The first Biosphera Scientific Days were held on October 13 and 14, 2022 on the Campus Agro Paris-Saclay, which we thank for hosting them.

Dedicated to the launch of its eight thematic programs with scientific presentations and workshops led by the coordinators of these programs, the Biosphera 2022 Scientific Days brought together nearly 200 participants, including 95 master's students. This participation reflects the links between research and education that Biosphera is building.

Nearly 180 students followed the closing conference on the first day by David Makowski on the theme "Can data science inform controversies in agriculture, environment, and health?”.
The Friday morning presentations were devoted to participatory sciences that Biosphera wishes to support.

These days were also an opportunity to exchange on scientific results through posters. Congratulations to the winners in the three categories, Master, Doctoral candidate and Researcher.

The speakers' presentations are available : HERE

Programme: HERE

See you in 2023 for the next Biosphera Scientific Days!