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Fab Labs

Designing and prototyping are the two key steps in innovation. They take place in Fab Labs or Design Centres, which give guidance on design and creation and provide prototyping facilities. These spaces are centred on the creation of demonstrators, helping in the search for product uses and applications  as part of a creative approach.

Fab Labs at Paris-Saclay

The Digiscope Fablab

The Digiscope Fablab is Université Paris-Saclay’s Fab Lab. It is open to anyone who has a digital manufacturing project that they wish to develop.

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La Fabrique

La Fabrique Fab Lab at CentraleSupélec is open to students, academic staff and entrepreneurs wishing to benefit from support in the development of their technological project.

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The IUT Cachan InnovLab

The InnovLab at the Cachan Technical Institute (IUT) offers prototyping facilities for technical and innovative projects, and supports them in the creation of their prototypes.

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IOGS Photonics Fab Lab 

The IOGS Photonics Fab Lab is a prototyping platform dedicated to product development and the pre-industrialisation phase of a product’s creation.

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The AGP Food Inn Lab

The AGP Food Inn Lab supports innovative projects in food and nutrition.

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CoFab is a collaborative design and prototyping workshop inspired by the Fab Lab concept.

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