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Together, let’s take action for Sustainable Development – the Sustainable Development Weeks (SDW) from 14 September to 8 October

Sustainable development Article published on 09 September 2021 , Updated on 07 October 2021

As part of the European Sustainable Development Week initiative, Université Paris-Saclay is organising Sustainable Development Weeks across its campuses, from 14 September to 8 October.

Throughout the 2020/2021 academic year, Université Paris-Saclay demonstrated its commitment to sustainable development with a range of different actions, including: the participatory approach, the creation of a Sustainable Development Charter, informative webinars on the future of the University’s Vallée campus and building management, but also partnerships with organisations and other universities by launching a series of webinars (Terre & Cité, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, The Nature Conservancy, EIT Climate-KIC, UC Davis).

The Sustainable Development Weeks (SDW) are an opportunity for students, staff and the general public to meet and talk about sustainable development issues. Once again this year, a whole host of events are being organised to raise awareness and take action for sustainable development. Exhibitions, webinars, second-hand clothes sales, World Clean Up Day and film screenings have all been planned over the four-week period.


Food and biodiversity

From 14 September to 8 October: ‘Ecology in 40 cartoons’ at the University’s Library, Building 407, Rue du Doyen Georges Poitou, 91400 Orsay. Inauguration on 14 September at 4 pm (health pass mandatory).…


  • From 18 September to 22 October 2021: Through living beings – vertebrates: visible biodiversity, at Proto 204 at the Faculty of Sciences. Visits are possible, by sending a reservation email to the address indicated on the flyer. Click here to find out more about the programme.

16 September at 1.45 pm: An Introduction to Botany*. A workshop and stroll in the garden to learn the basics of botany: what is a plant, how to recognise them and how do they grow? Meeting point at the greenhouses at Building 365, Orsay Campus. The visit will last 2.5 hours and is organised by the University’s Environment and Landscape Service. Book your spot by sending an email to:

18 September: Botanical explorers*. Discover an exhibition on the history of 18th century botanical explorers. Visit our greenhouse and learn about the plants brought back from explorations around the world. Many surprises await you! Organised by the University’s Environment and Landscape Service. Book your spot by sending an email to:

23 September at 1.45 pm: Ethnobotany and collections (P1)*. A walk through the garden to discover rare plants, their uses, characteristics and beauty (Part 1). Meeting point at Building 302, Orsay campus. The visit will last 2.5 hours and is organised by the University’s Environment and Landscape Service. Book your spot by sending an email to:

30 September at 1.45 pm: Recognising plants. How to recognise a tree or shrub? Easy ways of understanding the trees around us. Meeting point at Building 302, Orsay campus. The visit will last 2.5 hours. Book your spot by sending an email to:

5 October at 2 pm: Webinar on sustainable food in CROUS university restaurants, organised with the CROUS. Sign up here:…

7 October 9-11.30 am: Sustainable food in CESFO restaurants. CESFO became committed to the question of sustainability in 2020 as part of the “My Responsible Restaurant” initiative (led by the Fondation Nicolas Hulot). Throughout the course of the morning, CESFO will explain what has been put in place in CESFO restaurants and if objectives have been met. At the end of the presentation, a round-table on sustainable food will take place, allowing consumers to partake and discuss sustainable food in CESFO restaurants. Blandin Amphitheatre, Laboratory of Solid State Physics, Building 510, Rue André Rivière, 91400 Orsay.

7 October 1.45 pm: Ethnobotany and collections (P2)*. A walk through the garden to discover rare plants, their uses, characteristics and beauty (Part 2). Meeting point at the pond, rue André Guinier, Building 360. The visit will last 2.5 hours and is organised by the University’s Environment and Landscape Service. Book your spot by sending an email to:

7 October 6-8 pm (Paris)/ 9-11 am (California): Webinar on Land Use & Sustainability, based on the case studies of Paris-Saclay and the Silicon Valley. Part of a series of webinars organised by a Franco-American partnership between the association Terre&Cité, Université Paris-Saclay, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, the Nature Conservancy, UC Davis and EIT Climate-KIC. Watch the webinar live on the University's YouTube channel:

*The full programme of visits:…

Sustainable Campus

16 September: World Cleanup Day

  • On the Vallée campus: 12.30-4.30 pm – meeting point at the MAPS - (organised by the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Sport Sciences)
  • On the Plateau campus

- 1.30 pm – departure from CentraleSupélec, organised by the student association Impact CS. Meeting at the prairie (follow the music). Registration and distribution of gloves and bags on site. Return to the prairie at 3 pm and weighing at the Bréguet workshop.

- 2 - 5 pm– departure from Polytech, organised by Polytech Paris-Saclay and the Orsay Technical Institute (IUT)

16 September (morning): presentation from the DD&RS (Sustainable Development and Societal Responsibility) group to 1st year engineers at AgroParisTech

18 September - 8 October: from 18 September, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ) will publish a video clip per week on climate change analysis, the study of environmental degradation and ecological urban planning. Click here for more information and scan the QR code to access the videos.

22 September 11 am–2 pm: Sustainable Development and Societal Responsibility stand at the student fair at the Université d’Evry (the University library garden):

23 September 2021: the association GreenTeamPharma is organising a clean-up with other associations on the Châtenay-Malabry campus.

23 September 2021: UVSQ is organising a “Climate Fresk” workshop at the Faculty of Sciences:…


24 September 2021, 8 am-6 pm: the Jean Monnet Faculty is organising a second-hand clothes sale in amphitheatres 2, 3 and 4. Students and staff will be able to drop off clothes in boxes and bags from 17-23 September at the Jean Monnet Faculty at: the welcome desk in Building A; the ground floor of Building B; the welcome desk at the library. Payment in cash or with the Lydia app for AJME members.

28 September at 4 pm: Webinar on “Development and planning on the Plateau de Saclay: how to strike the balance between urbanisation and conservation?” with the Paris-Saclay Public Development Authority (EPA). Sign up here:…

1 October 11 am-2 pm: awareness actions for staff and students. Welcome coffee, Grignon campus (canteen hall), AgroParisTech.


5 October 10.30 am–3.30 pm: Make, explore and go home with your very own Foldscope!! Create our own Foldscope and explore the experimental orchard. Programme: 11.15 am, arrive at the FabLab*; 11.30 am-2 pm, create Foldscopes; 2-2.30 pm, lunch break (bring something to eat); 2.30 pm, leave for the experimental orchard; 3.30 pm, take your Foldscope home with you! Booking is mandatory:

* Digitéo Labs, Fablab Digiscope LISN - Building 660, Rue Noetzlin, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Early October (date and time to be confirmed): Screening of the film “Alors, tu trouves ?”, followed by a debate. Camille, a young climatologist, has a series of contracts with the French Centre for Scientific Research. But understanding how the climate works and just drawing graphs foreseeing future catastrophes from behind her computer screen were no longer enough for her. She decides to get closer to the land and people, both far from and close to her research laboratory. Her journey takes her to China, Polynesia, Mali and Essonne (France), where her lab is located, and throughout Camille learns that the solutions for climate change already exist. Camille will have to make a personal, unexpected but logical decision. View the poster for the film here (in French).

7 October at 5 pm: Launch of the “Sustainable Campus” (2021/2022) at Université d’Evry (amphitheatre 300). With the participation of Jane Lecomte, Vice-President for Sustainable Development at Université Paris-Saclay.


7 October at 5.30 pm: as part of the SPOC on the “Ecological Transition’ for the University’s undergraduate students, you are invited to take part in a conference/debate with Valérie Masson-Delmotte and Jacques Treiner, hosted by Sophie Szopa: “The concept of the ecological transition is well established today, but what does it mean and why is it necessary?”
The two speakers will attempt to answer these questions by analysing the conclusions from the latest IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the recent co-sponsored IPBES-IPCC workshop report (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services). Both speakers will answer your questions on the topic. To attend, click here.




Thursday 16 September :
12 pm-2 pm:

Stands about mobility at the Carré des Sciences (the CentraleSupélec forecourt):

- CPS and Wever: presentation of MaMob’
- EPAPS: Protobus and presentation of their car-sharing system
- Transdev: model of their autonomous shuttle
- Keolis
- Albatrans
- Renault: the ZOE Cab autonomous vehicle on show on the forecourt
- Ile de France Mobilité
- Université Paris-Saclay and CentraleSupélec: a shared stand on carsharing, the sustainable mobility plan, advice on bicycle and active mobility

12-6 pm
Massy sports recycling centre, Solicycle, MDB: bicycle sale, bicycle repair workshop, bicycode marking, film on bicycle tourism (4 - 6 pm)

Friday 17 September:
Inauguration of the Répar’Vélo bicycle repair workshop at 12.30 pm
Bouygues building, the sports corridor and/or bicycle parking

Monday 20 September:
Getting to the campus by foot or by bike
Registration link:

•    from Le Guichet to CentraleSupélec: walk with Flore and/or Mariana (35-40 minutes) departure at 8.45 – meet at 8.40 am
•    from Le Guichet to CentraleSupélec: cycle with Tjark (ZOOV or personal bicycle) 9-10 am
•    from CentraleSupélec to le Guichet station: meet at the Bouygues Building in front of le Musée café at 5.15 pm

You will find your guide in a straw hat at the meeting point!
Please note: steep slopes, wear comfortable shoes.

Exploring the campus on foot or by bike

•    walking tour of the Plateau campus: 12-1 pm max
•    bicycle tour of the Plateau campus: 12-1.30 pm max (bring your own bike or borrow one of the 6 bicycles on offer from the University)

23 September: return journey from AgroParisTech campus in Massy by bike, and the Massy RER station back to the AgroParisTech campus. Booking is mandatory. Book your spot by sending an email to

8 October 11 am-2 pm: presentation of Klaxit on the Grignon campus (canteen hall), AgroParisTech. (Klaxit presentation on the Massy campus on 11 October 11 am-2 pm in the canteen hall.)