Ecosystem dynamics : stakes, data and models

17 June – 12 July 2019

Organizing and scientific committee:

- Diala Abu Awad (Technical University of Munich, GERMANY)
- Guillaume Achaz (Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, FRANCE)
- Arnaud Becheler (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan, USA)
- Sylvain Billiard (Evolution Ecologie et Paléontologie, Université de Lille, FRANCE)
- Camille Coron (Laboratoire de Mathématiques d’Orsay, Université Paris-Sud, FRANCE)
- Stéphane Dupas (Evolution Genomes Comportement Ecologie, FRANCE)
- Flora Jay (Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique, FRANCE)
- Adélaïde Olivier (Laboratoire de Mathématiques d’Orsay, FRANCE)-Mohammed Sedki (FRANCE)
- Solenn Stoeckel (INRA Rennes, FRANCE)
- Amandine Véber (Ecole Polytechnique, FRANCE)

The program will be composed of a three-weeks research program aimed at post-doctoral students and researchers (from 17th of June to 5th of July 2019) and a one-week summer school aimed at doctoral students (from 8th to 12th of July 2019).

Research program:

The aim of the program is to gather scientists from different domains, who wish to find a better understanding of the evolution of eco-systems, using mathematical models and real datasets. The program is divided in three weeks whose themes are:

-"Scales and units in ecology": The aim is to study at which scale (individual, population, species, eco-system,...) can be considered depending on the question of interest, and to present the mathematical notions of rescaling and convergence.

-"Graphs, networks and interactions in ecology": The aim is to study interactions between individuals, genomes, species,..., in particular how to detect and model these interactions.

-"Dynamics, prediction and uncertainty": The aim is to understand and model the dynamics of an ecological system and see how we can predict its future dynamics, notably using existing or potential datasets. 

Detailed program: TBA

If you wish to attend this program, please contact the organizers to know more about the registration procedure.


Summer School:

The aim of the summer school is to gather doctoral students in biology and mathematics, to train them to mathematical modeling and data analysis for ecology and evolution, and to facilitate interactions between theoretical mathematicians, mathematical modelers, data analysts, and evolutionary biologists. Please click here for more information.

Program Summer School :

  • Steve Beissinger : Using Models to Inform Conservation
  • Sylvain Billiard : Nested scale in ecology and evolution
  • Amaury Lambert : Quantitative genetics in the post-genomic era
  • Stéphane Robin : Some statistical models for the analysis of ecological networks
  • Suzanne Touzeau: Modelling, identification and control in epidemiology

For more information 

Registration Summerschool

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The deadline for registration will be the 1st of April 2019 and your attendance will be accepted via a confirmation email.