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Created by the Orsay mathematicians, the Jacques Hadamard mathematical library  (Bibliothèque Jacques Hadamard, UMS 1786 du CNRS), is the largest mathematical research library in the southern Paris region, and one of the largest research libraries in France. It is located on the Orsay campus of Université Paris-Saclay. Since 2018, it shares the wonderful new premises of Institut de Mathématique d'Orsay (IMO). Its rich collection – 68000 books in free access, more than 3000 e-books, 800 periodicals including 250 subscriptions, et more than 2500 electronic periodical – is open to users from 9am to 7pm daily. 

Bibliothèque Jacques Hadamard (BJH) plays an important role both in the local and national mathematical communities. In Paris-Saclay, it provides expertise concerning mathematical  documentation. 

Locally, BJH has been central for Laboratoire de Mathématiques d'Orsay (LMO). Gifts from mathematicians have help it start. Later, a substantial budget has allowed it to constitute an exhaustive collection. 

In 1980, BJH became the reference library for mathematics in France (Centre d’acquisition et de diffusion de l’information scientifique et technique). It was entrusted by the government with the task of purchasing all significant mathematical documents that could not be found elsewhere.
Since 2018, BJH, in collaboration with Université Paris-Saclay’s documentation service, is a delegate of Groupement d’intérêt scientifique CollEx-Persée, the national infrastructure for Scientific and Technical Documentation. 

BJH is a leading member of the national network of mathematical libraries (RNBM). This network aims at improving access to mathematical documentation and other services to mathematicians. 

Strong links connect BJH with other Paris-Saclay libraries, especially mathematical libraries : bibliothèque Nikolaas Hendrik Kuiper, bibliothèque de Mathématiques de Versailles and the libraries of laboratories Centre Borelli, LaMME and MIA-Paris.