Structure-Activité des Biomolécules Normales et Pathologiques

Présentation du laboratoire

Le laboratoire Structure-Activité des Biomolécules Normales et Pathologiques (SABNP) explore la dynamique et la relation structure-fonction des assemblages macromoléculaires, notamment des complexes ARN-protéines et des microtubules. Les axes de recherche sont les interactions ARN-protéines dans les cancers et les maladies neuronales.

Les 20 dernières publications

Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Physiological roles of antisense RNAs in prokaryotes A. Kobayashi 01/09/2019 Biochimie
Targeting degradation of EGFR through the allosteric site leads to cancer cell detachment-promoted death Aram G. Gyulkhandanyan 01/08/2019 Cancers
A Single-Molecule Atomic Force Microscopy Study of PARP1 and PARP2 Recognition of Base Excision Repair DNA Intermediates Loic Hamon, David Pastré, Patrick A. Curmi, ... 12/07/2019 Journal of Molecular Biology
Bacterial lipid II analogs: Novel in vitro substrates for mammalian oligosaccharyl diphosphodolichol diphosphatase (DLODP) activities Ahmed Bouhss 06/06/2019 Molecules
PARP-1 Activation Directs FUS to DNA Damage Sites to Form PARG-Reversible Compartments Enriched in Damaged DNA Loic Hamon, B. Desforges, David Pastré, ... 07/05/2019 Cell Reports
Effect of Single-Point Mutations on Nitric Oxide Rebinding and the Thermodynamic Stability of Myoglobin Krystel El Hage 07/03/2019 Journal of Physical Chemistry B
YB-1, an abundant core mRNA-binding protein, has the capacity to form an RNA nucleoprotein filament: a structural analysis Ewen Lescop, Loic Hamon, David Pastré, ... 01/01/2019 Nucleic acids research
U2AF<sup>65</sup> assemblies drive sequence-specific splice site recognition David Pastré, Alexandre Maucuer, Manel Tari, ... 01/01/2019 EMBO Reports
Relation Between Stress Granules and Cytoplasmic Protein Aggregates Linked to Neurodegenerative Diseases Loic Hamon, David Pastré, Ioana Dobra, ... 01/12/2018 Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports
Functional differences of short and long isoforms of spastin harboring missense mutation Andrea Burgo, Patrick A. Curmi, Vandana Joshi, ... 01/09/2018 DMM Disease Models and Mechanisms
Templated polycondensation of aminopropyltrimethoxysilane on DNA Patrick A. Curmi, Marie Jeanne Clément, O. Maciejak 01/06/2018 European Polymer Journal
Microtubules as platforms for probing liquid-liquid phase separation in cells - application to RNA-binding proteins Loic Hamon, Mirela Boca, B. Desforges, ... 01/06/2018 Journal of Cell Science
Multiplex epithelium dysfunction due to CLDN10 mutation: The HELIX syndrome Patrick A. Curmi, Vandana Joshi, Rachid C. Maroun 01/02/2018 Genetics in Medicine
Bacterial Transferase MraY, a Source of Inspiration towards New Antibiotics Ahmed Bouhss 01/01/2018 Current medicinal chemistry
Nanoscale Analysis Reveals the Maturation of Neurodegeneration-Associated Protein Aggregates: Grown in mRNA Granules then Released by Stress Granule Proteins Loic Hamon, B. Desforges, David Pastré, ... 25/07/2017 ACS Nano
Spastin regulates VAMP7-containing vesicles trafficking in cortical neurons Andrea Burgo, David Pastré, Patrick A. Curmi, ... 01/06/2017 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease
Neuroprotective Effect of Nanodiamond in Alzheimer’s Disease Rat Model: a Pivotal Role for Modulating NF-κB and STAT3 Signaling Marie Odile David, Housam Eidi 01/04/2017 Molecular Neurobiology
Non-linear dose-response of aluminium hydroxide adjuvant particles: Selective low dose neurotoxicity Marie Odile David, Housam Eidi 15/01/2017 Toxicology
Metabolomics with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in a Drosophila melanogaster model of surviving sepsis Marie Jeanne Clément 21/12/2016 Metabolites
Pectocin M1 (PcaM1) inhibits Escherichia coli cell growth and peptidoglycan biosynthesis through periplasmic expression Ahmed Bouhss 01/12/2016 Antibiotics