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Laboratoire en Innovation, Technologies, Economie et Management

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Le LITEM est un centre de recherche multidisciplinaire, ancré dans les sciences de gestion et les sciences économiques. Son objectif est de comprendre les transformations et les exigences d'un monde complexe et incertain, et d'accompagner les acteurs économiques et parties prenantes. Les axes de recherche du LITEM incluent le Management de l'innovation, la Transformation des systèmes d'information, le Marketing digital, la Finance, et le Management responsable et l'éthique des organisations.

Les 20 dernières publications

Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Optimal investment in human capital under migration uncertainty Baran Siyahhan 01/05/2022 Review of International Economics
Change Management and Innovation Practices during Pandemic in the Middle East E-Commerce Industry Bhumika Gupta 01/04/2022 Sustainability
Board directors' home regions and CSR disclosure: evidence from France Nadia Ben Farhat Toumi 01/03/2022 Journal of Applied Accounting Research
Assessing port service quality: An application of the extension fuzzy AHP and importance-performance analysis Thanh Le Quoc 01/02/2022 PLoS ONE
Opposing acceleration: the tragedy of resistance in Brazil Jean Luc Moriceau 24/01/2022 Journal of Organizational Change Management
Artificial Intelligence: Impacts of Explainability on Value Creation and Decision Making Taoufik El Oualidi 01/01/2022 Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Cure or Sell: How Do Pharmaceutical Industry Marketers Combine Their Dual Mission? An Approach Using Moral Dissonance Loréa Baïada-Hirèche 01/01/2022 Journal of Business Ethics
From Reality to World. A Critical Perspective on AI Fairness Jean Marie John-Mathews, Christine Balagué 01/01/2022 Journal of Business Ethics
Some critical and ethical perspectives on the empirical turn of AI interpretability Jean Marie John-Mathews 01/01/2022 Technological Forecasting and Social Change
The Evolution of Mining Pools and Miners’ Behaviors in the Bitcoin Blockchain Nicolas Soulie 01/01/2022 IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management
Switching to online learning during COVID-19: Theorizing the role of IT mindfulness and techno eustress for facilitating productivity and creativity in student learning Anuragini Shirish 01/12/2021 International Journal of Information Management
Discussing: “The very idea of organizing becomes literally meaningless” Hugo Letiche 05/11/2021 Journal of Organizational Change Management
On predictive entrepreneurial action in uncertain, ill-structured conditions David J. Rapp 01/10/2021 Review of Managerial Science
“Smoke on the beach”: on the use of economic vs behavioral policies to reduce environmental pollution by cigarette littering Grazia Cecere 01/10/2021 Economia Politica
Network model of mental disorders: Application and interest in post-stroke depression C. Vansimaeys 01/08/2021 L'Encephale
Digital health and management of chronic disease: A multimodal technologies typology C. Vansimaeys, Lamya Benamar, Christine Balagué 01/07/2021 International Journal of Health Planning and Management
The possibility of disalienated work: Being at home in alternative organizations Jerzy Kociatkiewicz 01/07/2021 Human Relations
Startup cash flows and venture capital investments: A real options approach Donia Trabelsi, Baran Siyahhan 01/04/2021 Managerial and Decision Economics
Introduction to the special issue: Âfrom the digital economy to the digitalization of the economy Grazia Cecere 29/03/2021 Revue d'Economie Industrielle

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