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Institut Lavoisier de Versailles

Présentation du laboratoire

L'institut Lavoisier de Versailles est structuré en 3 équipes de recherche qui couvrent tous les domaines de la chimie allant de la conception/synthèse de molécules jusqu'aux matériaux et à leur caractérisation :- Synthèse Organique (SOrg)- Molécules, Interactions et Matériaux (MIM)- Électrochimie et Physicochimie aux Interfaces (EPI).L'institut dispose d'une plateforme technique commune d'analyse et de caractérisation (PACA) et d'un Centre de spectroscopie (CEFS2), ouverts à la prestation. L'ILV se caractérise par une forte activité d'innovation et valorisation impliquant de multiples collaborations académiques et industrielles.

Les 20 dernières publications

Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Zinc(II) and copper(II) complexes constructed from new bis(1H-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxylate)-based ligands Sergiu Calancea 05/07/2022 Journal of Molecular Structure
Growth of Fe-BDC Metal-Organic Frameworks onto Functionalized Si (111) Surfaces Nathalie Steunou 01/07/2022 Chemistry - An Asian Journal
Supramolecular Arrangement and DFT analysis of Zinc(II) Schiff Bases: An Insight towards the Influence of Compartmental Ligands on Binding Interaction with Protein Sanchari Dasgupta 01/06/2022 ChemistryOpen
Revisiting the Three Vanadium Sandwich-Type Polyoxometalates: Structures, Solution Behavior, and Redox Properties Régis Guillot 30/05/2022 Inorganic Chemistry
Chiral Phosphoric Acid-Catalyzed Enantioselective Formal [4+2] Cycloaddition Between Dienecarbamates and 2-Benzothioazolimines Wei Yang Ma, Emeric Montinho-Inacio, Bogdan I. Iorga, Pascal Retailleau, Luc Neuville, Géraldine Masson 17/05/2022 Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis
Fluorine and chalcogen atoms: An association of benefactors Emmanuel Magnier, Guillaume Dagousset 07/05/2022 Tetrahedron
Microstructure of Methylammonium Lead iodide Perovskite Thin Films: A Comprehensive Study of the Strain and Texture Pia Dally 01/05/2022 Advanced Energy Materials
Synthesis, crystal structure, tropicity and charge transport properties of diindenothienothiophene derivatives Tanguy Jousselin-Oba, Karen Wright, Jérôme Marrot, Michel Frigoli 29/04/2022 Journal of Materials Chemistry C
MIL-101(Cr) MOF as an Effective Siloxane Sensor Subharanjan Biswas, Nathalie Steunou 20/04/2022 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
β(L)-Bi<inf>2</inf>Mo<inf>2</inf>O<inf>9</inf>: A new, highly active and selective, mild oxidation bismuth molybdate catalyst Nathalie Guillou 01/04/2022 Journal of Catalysis
Diastereoselective ring cleavage of azetidines with cyanogen bromide Melvin Raulin, Bruno Drouillat, Jérôme Marrot, François Couty, Karen Wright 30/03/2022 Tetrahedron Letters
Cyclic Solid-State Multiple Phase Changes with Tuned Photoemission in a Gold Thiolate Coordination Polymer Nathalie Guillou 28/03/2022 Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Chaotropic Effect as an Assembly Motif to Construct Supramolecular Cyclodextrin-Polyoxometalate-Based Frameworks Soumaya Khlifi, Jérôme Marrot, Mohamed Haouas, Clément Falaise, Emmanuel Cadot 16/03/2022 Journal of the American Chemical Society
A bioinspired stimuli-responsive amino acid-based antibacterial drug delivery system in cancer therapy Subharanjan Biswas 11/03/2022 New Journal of Chemistry
Improvement of the Hydrolytic Stability of the Keggin Molybdo- and Tungsto-Phosphate Anions by Cyclodextrins Sa Yao, Clément Falaise, Nathalie Leclerc, Catherine Roch-Marchal, Mohamed Haouas, Emmanuel Cadot 07/03/2022 Inorganic Chemistry
A robust eco-compatible microporous iron coordination polymer for CO<inf>2</inf> capture Marvin Benzaqui, Ali Saad, Jérôme Marrot, Nathalie Steunou, Christian Serre 04/03/2022 Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Local enhancement of hydrogen production by the hydrolysis of Mg<inf>17</inf>Al<inf>12</inf> with Mg “model” material Serge Al-Bacha 25/02/2022 Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Ultra-clean high-mobility graphene on technologically relevant substrates Jihene Zribi, Mathieu Frégnaux, Damien Aureau 14/02/2022 Nanoscale
The influence of relative humidity upon Cu(In,Ga)Se<inf>2</inf> thin-film surface chemistry: An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study Solène Béchu, Muriel Bouttemy, Arnaud Etcheberry 01/02/2022 Applied Surface Science
Cracking the immune fingerprint of metal-organic frameworks Tania Hidalgo 28/01/2022 Chemical Science

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