Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d'Orsay

Présentation du laboratoire

L'ISMO est reconnu pour son excellence en physique moléculaire, nanosciences et biophysique. Son expertise repose principalement sur trois types d'approches expérimentales : la combinaison d'optique laser et de spectrométrie de masse pour étudier la spectroscopie et la dynamique moléculaire, les techniques de sonde locale à résolution atomique, et celles de microscopie confocale et de super-résolution, croisant recherches théoriques et expérimentales. Il développe des instruments et des savoir-faire qui débouchent sur des applications en instrumentation scientifique et dans le domaine biomédical.

Les 20 dernières publications

Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Statistical distributions of the tuning and coupling collective modes at a conical intersection using the hierarchical equations of motion O. Atabek 28/12/2019 Journal of Chemical Physics
Thin Films of Fully Noble Metal-Free POM@MOF for Photocatalytic Water Oxidation T. Pino, Minh Huong Ha-Thi 26/12/2019 ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Optimal control of the transport of Bose-Einstein condensates with atom chips E. Charron, Sirine Amri, R. Corgier 01/12/2019 Scientific Reports
Design for a high resolution electron energy loss microscope Lionel Amiaud, Anne Lafosse 01/12/2019 Ultramicroscopy
Enzyme-Assisted Photoinjection of Megadalton Molecules into Intact Plant Cells Using Femtosecond Laser Amplifier Rachel Méallet-Renault, Gabriela Moran 01/12/2019 Scientific Reports
Reactivity of coronene with O-atoms, a possible route to ketene in the interstellar medium Nathalie Rougeau, Sabine Morisset, Dominique Teillet-Billy 01/12/2019 Molecular Astrophysics
Observing collisions beyond the secular approximation limit Christian Boulet 01/12/2019 Nature Communications
Supernova implosion-explosion in the light of catastrophe theory Martine Le Berre 01/12/2019 European Physical Journal B
Coral-like nanostructures Rachel Méallet-Renault, Farah Savina, Gabriela Morán Cruz 01/12/2019 Materials Today
Direct observation of the cell-wall remodeling in adhering Staphylococcus aureus 27217: An AFM study supported by SEM and TEM Karine Steenkeste, Christian Marlière, Rym Boudjemaa, ... 01/12/2019 Cell Surface
Watching Intermolecular Light-Induced Charge Accumulation on Naphthalene Diimide by Tris(bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) Photosensitizer T. Pino, Minh Huong Ha-Thi, Thu Trang Tran 27/11/2019 Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Coexistence of sI and sII in methane-propane hydrate former systems at high pressures Arnaud Desmedt 23/11/2019 Chemical Engineering Science
Jet-cooled rovibrational spectroscopy of methoxyphenols using two complementary FTIR and QCL based spectrometers M. A. Martin-Drumel 21/11/2019 Journal of Chemical Physics
One-Step Photochemical Green Synthesis of Water-Dispersible Ag, Au, and Au@Ag Core–Shell Nanoparticles Ruxandra Gref 18/11/2019 Chemistry - A European Journal
Post-functionalization of polyvinylcarbazoles: An open route towards hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cells Céline Olivier, Thierry Toupance, Camille Geffroy 15/11/2019 Solar Energy
Laser-assisted self-induced Feshbach resonance for controlling heteronuclear quantum gas mixtures O. Atabek 12/11/2019 Physical Review A
Dissociative photoionization of NO across a shape resonance in the XUV range using circularly polarized synchrotron radiation Nicolas Saquet, K. Veyrinas, S. Marggi Poullain, ... 07/11/2019 Journal of Chemical Physics
Radio-enhancing properties of bimetallic Au:Pt nanoparticles: Experimental and theoretical evidence Erika Porcel, Sandrine Lacombe, Daniela Salado-Leza 02/11/2019 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Comb-like dextran copolymers: A versatile strategy to coat highly porous MOF nanoparticles with a PEG shell Xue Li, Mario Menendez-Miranda, Daniel Foulkes, ... 01/11/2019 Carbohydrate Polymers
Raman spectroscopy of mini-CAST soot with various fractions of organic compounds: Structural characterization during heating treatment from 25 °C to 1000 °C T. Pino 01/11/2019 Combustion and Flame