Institut de chimie moléculaire et des matériaux d'Orsay

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L'ICMMO est une des plus importantes structures de recherche en chimie de France. Elle est constituée de neuf équipes scientifiques et d'une plateforme instrumentale performante. Ses activités de recherche couvrent la chimie organique et inorganique, les sciences moléculaires et des matériaux, le développement d'énergies alternatives et d'outils de la RMN.

Les 20 dernières publications

Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Electrogenerated Sm(II)-Catalyzed CO<inf>2</inf> Activation for Carboxylation of Benzyl Halides Mohamed Mellah, Emmanuelle Schulz, Sakna Bazzi 20/12/2019 Organic Letters
Unique silica polymorph obtained under electron irradiation Matthieu Lancry, Olivier Cavani, Nadege Ollier, ... 16/12/2019 Applied Physics Letters
Ring Expansion and 1,2-Migration Cascade of Benzisoxazoles with Ynamides: Experimental and Theoretical Studies Vincent Gandon 13/12/2019 Chemistry - An Asian Journal
Enantioselective Gold-Catalyzed Pictet-Spengler Reaction Vincent Gandon, Shengwen Yang 06/12/2019 Organic Letters
Magnetic and atomic short range order in Fe1-x Crx alloys Eric Rivière, Claudia Decorse 04/12/2019 Physical Review B
Is it possible to use additive manufacturing for accelerator UHV beam pipes? François Brisset 02/12/2019 Journal of Physics: Conference Series
The synthesis and characterization of giant Calixarenes Vincent Huc, Ludovic Costa, Philippe Roger, ... 01/12/2019 Nature Communications
Complex magnetic structure and magnetocapacitance response in a non-oxide NiF <inf>2</inf> system R. Suryanarayanan 01/12/2019 Scientific Reports
Deciphering preferred geometries of pyridylmethylamines-based complexes: A robust strategy combining NMR, DFT and X-ray Jose Enrique Herbert Pucheta, Jonathan Farjon, Maissa Meddeb 01/12/2019 Inorganica Chimica Acta
A new powder metallurgy routine to fabricate TiB<inf>2</inf>/Al–Zn–Mg–Cu nanocomposites based on composite powders with pre-embedded nanoparticles Vincent Ji, Yu Ma 01/12/2019 Materialia
Surface layer microstructures and wear properties modifications of Mg-8Gd-3Y alloy treated by shot peening Vincent Ji 01/12/2019 Materials Characterization
Thermal Stability of an Mg–Nd Alloy Processed by High-Pressure Torsion François Brisset, T. Baudin, Anne Laure Helbert 01/12/2019 Advanced Engineering Materials
Novel nano-architectured water splitting photoanodes based on TiO<inf>2</inf>-nanorod mats surface sensitized by ZIF-67 coatings Pierre Millet, Manuel Antuch, Waleed M.A. El Rouby, ... 29/11/2019 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Derivation of Lanthanide Series Crystal Field Parameters From First Principles Talal Mallah 27/11/2019 Chemistry - A European Journal
TiO<inf>2</inf> nanotree films for the production of green H<inf>2</inf> by solar water splitting: From microstructural and optical characteristics to the photocatalytic properties Nathalie Prud'homme 15/11/2019 Applied Surface Science
Electrochemical detection of the human cancer biomarker ‘autocrine motility factor-phosphoglucose isomerase’ based on a biosensor formed with a monosaccharidic inhibitor Hafsa Korri-Youssoufi, Laurent Salmon, Lama Ahmad 15/11/2019 Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical
Asymmetric Cu<sup>I</sup>-Catalyzed Insertion Reaction of 1-Aryl-2,2,2-trifluoro-1-diazoethanes into Si-H Bonds Vincent Gandon 15/11/2019 Organic Letters
Cyclobishelicenes: Shape-Persistent Figure-Eight Aromatic Molecules with Promising Chiroptical Properties Christie Aroulanda 13/11/2019 Chemistry - A European Journal
Photoselective MLCT to d-d pathways for light-induced excited spin state trapping Olga Iasco, Marie Laure Boillot 07/11/2019 Journal of Chemical Physics
A Reversible Electron Relay to Exclude Sacrificial Electron Donors in the Photocatalytic Oxygen Atom Transfer Reaction with O<inf>2</inf> in Water Régis Guillot, Ally Aukauloo, Marie Sircoglou, ... 04/11/2019 Angewandte Chemie - International Edition