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Hydrosystèmes Continentaux Anthropisés - Ressources, Risques, Restauration

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Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Variational data assimilation to improve subsurface drainage model parameters Samy Chelil, Hocine Henine, Julien Tournebize 01/07/2022 Journal of Hydrology
Accounting for temporal change in multiple biodiversity patterns improves the inference of metacommunity processes Alienor Jeliazkov 01/06/2022 Ecology
Evapotranspiration in hydrological models under rising CO<inf>2</inf>: a jump into the unknown Thibault Lemaitre-Basset, Guillaume Thirel 01/06/2022 Climatic Change
The effect of weighting hydrological projections based on the robustness of hydrological models under a changing climate Paul Royer-Gaspard, Anthony Lemoine, Guillaume Thirel 01/06/2022 Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies
Decadal biodiversity trends in rivers reveal recent community rearrangements V. Archaimbault, J. Belliard, Alienor Jeliazkov, E. Tales 01/06/2022 Science of the Total Environment
Sampling and modelling rare species: Conceptual guidelines for the neglected majority Alienor Jeliazkov 01/06/2022 Global Change Biology
Quantifying multi-year hydrological memory with Catchment Forgetting Curves Alban De Lavenne, Vazken Andréassian 24/05/2022 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
On constraining a lumped hydrological model with both piezometry and streamflow: Results of a large sample evaluation Antoine Pelletier, Vazken Andréassian 24/05/2022 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
Brief communication: Seismological analysis of flood dynamics and hydrologically triggered earthquake swarms associated with Storm Alex Pierre Brigode 06/05/2022 Natural Hazards and Earth System Science
Unraveling the contribution of potential evaporation formulation to uncertainty under climate change Thibault Lemaitre-Basset, Guillaume Thirel, Lila Collet 28/04/2022 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
Disentangling spatial and environmental effects: Flexible methods for community ecology and macroecology Alienor Jeliazkov 01/04/2022 Ecosphere
Riverscape approaches in practice: perspectives and applications Céline Le Pichon, E. Tales, J. Belliard 01/04/2022 Biological Reviews
Coupling of a subsurface drainage model with a soil reservoir model to simulate drainage discharge and drain flow start Hocine Henine, Alexis Jeantet, Cedric Chaumont, Samy Chelil, Julien Tournebize 31/03/2022 Agricultural Water Management
Food webs speak of human impact: Using stable isotope-based tools to measure ecological consequences of environmental change Maria Alp 01/03/2022 Food Webs
Storage or loss of soil active carbon in cropland soils: The effect of agricultural practices and hydrology Julien Tournebize 01/02/2022 Geoderma
Choosing between post-processing precipitation forecasts or chaining several uncertainty quantification tools in hydrological forecasting systems Maria Helena Ramos 14/01/2022 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
Investigating hydrological model versatility to simulate extreme flood events Daniela Peredo, Maria Helena Ramos, Vazken Andréassian 01/01/2022 Hydrological Sciences Journal
Electrochemical analysis of a microbial electrochemical snorkel in laboratory and constructed wetlands Cédric Midoux, Théodore Bouchez, Jiang Hao Tian 01/12/2021 Bioelectrochemistry
Combining time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography and air injection to detect agricultural subsurface drains Hocine Henine, Julien Tournebize, Cedric Chaumont 01/12/2021 Journal of Applied Geophysics
Technical note: PMR - A proxy metric to assess hydrological model robustness in a changing climate Paul Royer-Gaspard, Vazken Andréassian, Guillaume Thirel 08/11/2021 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

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