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Les 13 dernières publications

Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Morphological recognition with the addition of multi-band fluorescence excitation of chlorophylls of phytoplankton J. L. Collette 01/09/2017 Photosynthetica
Soft-max boosting Matthieu Geist 17/09/2015 Machine Learning
Phytoplankton identification by combined methods of morphological processing and fluorescence imaging M. Lauffer, F. Genty, J. L. Collette 03/08/2015 2015 IEEE Workshop on Environmental, Energy, and Structural Monitoring Systems, EESMS 2015 - Proceedings
Automatic recognition system of aquatic organisms by classical and fluorescence microscopy J. L. Collette 01/01/2015 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Pricing derivatives on graphics processing units using Monte Carlo simulation Stephane Vialle, Patrick Mercier 25/06/2014 Concurrency Computation Practice and Experience
Local policy search in a convex space and conservative policy iteration as boosted policy search Matthieu Geist 01/01/2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Boosted Bellman residual minimization handling expert demonstrations Bilal Piot, Matthieu Geist 01/01/2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science
A cascaded supervised learning approach to inverse reinforcement learning Bilal Piot, Olivier Pietquin 31/10/2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Structured classification for inverse reinforcement learning Édouard Klein, Bilal Piot, Matthieu Geist, Olivier Pietquin 24/10/2013 Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle
Template based black-box optimization of dynamic neural fields Jérémy Fix 01/10/2013 Neural Networks
Reward shaping for statistical optimisation of dialogue management Layla El Asri, Olivier Pietquin 03/09/2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Algorithmic survey of parametric value function approximation Matthieu Geist, Olivier Pietquin 17/04/2013 IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
A survey on metrics for the evaluation of user simulations Olivier Pietquin 01/03/2013 Knowledge Engineering Review

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