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Complexité, innovation, activités motrices et sportives

Présentation du laboratoire

Les recherches développées par le CIAMS sont organisées autour de deux équipes : Mouvement Humain , Adaptation et Performance Sportive (MHAPS) et Sport, Politiques et Transformations Sociales (SPOTS) sur des thématiques variées : la performance motrice, la physiologie et la biomécanique, l'analyse des facteurs de la performance, les stratégies nutritionnelles en lien avec la pratique sportive, le contrôle moteur et les coordinations motrices, les effets de la prise de substances pharmacologiques, l'optimisation du réentrainement à l'effort chez des populations pathologiques, l'organisation des politiques publiques, ...
Ces recherches sont appuyées par les nombreux équipements (plateforme technologique) d'analyse de l'humain présents sur les différents sites. Les applications sociétales en termes de psychologie, sociologie et d'ergonomie (interaction homme-machine, matériel sportif, etc.) sont effectuées en interaction avec des organismes académiques (notamment au sein de la Fédération Demenÿ-Vaucanson) et rendues possibles par des partenariats avec les acteurs économiques (IBM,...).

Les 20 dernières publications

Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Linking Tensegrity to Sports Team Collective Behaviors: Towards the Group-Tensegrity Hypothesis Ana Paulo 01/12/2020 Sports Medicine - Open
Combining trunk movement and facial expression enhances the perceived intensity and believability of an avatar's pain expression Aurore Meugnot, Thomas Treal 01/11/2020 Computers in Human Behavior
The Level of Aggressiveness During Karate Practice of Inmates in Correctional Settings Arnaud Delafontaine 02/10/2020 Frontiers in Psychology
Brain Processes While Struggling With Evidence Accumulation During Facial Emotion Recognition: An ERP Study Michel Ange Amorim, Yu Fang Yang 03/09/2020 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Effect of a concurrent cognitive task, with stabilizing visual information and withdrawal, on body sway adaptation of parkinsonian’s patients in an off-medication state: A controlled study Arnaud Delafontaine, Iris Marolleau 02/09/2020 Sensors (Switzerland)
Évaluation de l’oxygénation cérébrale lors de la marche simple et la double tâche chez des patients parkinsoniens : une étude fNIRS Alexandra Perrot 01/09/2020 Revue neurologique
Interactive robotics for human impedance estimation in a rhythmic task Isabelle A. Siegler 01/08/2020 IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering
The role(s) of “Simultaneous Postural Adjustments” (SPA) during Single Step revealed with the Lissajous method Eric Yiou, Sahel Memari, Paul Christian Fourcade 17/07/2020 Journal of Biomechanics
Physiotherapy and COVID-19: A major public health role to short, medium and long terms in the patient's rehabilitation process Sébastien Ditcharles, Arnaud Delafontaine, Tarek Hussein 01/07/2020 Kinesitherapie
Short-Term Sensorimotor Deprivation Impacts Feedforward and Feedback Processes of Motor Control Aurore Meugnot 01/07/2020 Frontiers in Neuroscience
Does eccentric-concentric resistance training improve early functional outcomes compared to concentric resistance training after total knee arthroplasty? Sandrine Schiano-Lomoriello 01/06/2020 Gait and Posture
A sleep spindle framework for motor memory consolidation Arnaud Boutin 25/05/2020 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Attitudes to functional neurology and some other 'prescriptive' chiropractic techniques and their associations with chiropractic conservatism: A cross-sectional survey of chiropractic students Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde, Guillaume Goncalves, Christine Le Scanff, ... 19/05/2020 Chiropractic and Manual Therapies
Efficient computation of optimal open-loop controls for stochastic systems Bastien Berret 01/05/2020 Automatica
Controlling an upper-limb exoskeleton by EMG signal while carrying unknown load Nicolas Vignais 01/05/2020 Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
Use of cognitive aids in anaesthesia crisis scenarios: Observational analysis from video recording during simulation Dan Benhamou, Antonia Blanié, Dimitri Baudrier, ... 01/04/2020 Anaesthesia Critical Care and Pain Medicine
Psychological impact of Wii-empowerment in hospitalized elderly patients who fall: pilot study Alexandra Perrot, Alizée Denis 01/03/2020 Soins Gerontologie
Comparative value of a simulation by gaming and a traditional teaching method to improve clinical reasoning skills necessary to detect patient deterioration: A randomized study in nursing students Michel Ange Amorim, Dan Benhamou, Antonia Blanié 19/02/2020 BMC Medical Education
What is the effect of spinal manipulation on the pressure pain threshold in young, asymptomatic subjects? A randomized placebo-controlled trial, with a cross-over design Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde, Olivier Gagey, Margaux Honoré, ... 07/02/2020 Chiropractic and Manual Therapies
Modularity underlying the performance of unusual locomotor tasks inspired by developmental milestones Bastien Berret, Caroline Teulier, Elodie Hinnekens, ... 01/01/2020 Journal of neurophysiology