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Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Association between reported work in cold environments and stroke occurrence in the CONSTANCES cohort: a prospective study Annette Leclerc 06/07/2022 BMJ Open
Early liaison psychiatry consultations and general hospital readmission: A retrospective cohort study G. Airagnes 01/07/2022 General Hospital Psychiatry
Modeling exposure to airborne metals using moss biomonitoring in cemeteries in two urban areas around Paris and Lyon in France Emeline Lequy, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins 15/06/2022 Environmental Pollution
Erratum: Publisher Correction: Heterogeneous SARS-CoV-2 humoral response after COVID-19 vaccination and/or infection in the general population (Scientific reports (2022) 12 1 (8622)) Marie Zins, Sofiane Kab, Adeline Renuy, Stéphane Le-Got, Céline Ribet, Mireille Pellicer, Emmanuel Wiernik, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins 07/06/2022 Scientific Reports
Effectiveness of implant-supported fixed partial denture in patients with history of periodontitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis Maria Clotilde Carra 01/06/2022 Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Cannabis Use Increases the Risk of Sickness Absence: Longitudinal Analyses From the CONSTANCES Cohort Amélia Déguilhem, Annette Leclerc, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins, G. Airagnes 30/05/2022 Frontiers in Public Health
Impact of the pre-examination phase on multicenter metabolomic studies Marie Zins 25/05/2022 New Biotechnology
Influence of exposure assessment methods on associations between long-term exposure to outdoor fine particulate matter and risk of cancer in the French cohort Gazel Emeline Lequy, Sergey Zhivin, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins 10/05/2022 Science of the Total Environment
Serology Test Results and Other Important Characteristics of Patients With Persistent COVID-19 Symptoms-Reply Joane Matta 01/05/2022 JAMA Internal Medicine
Health behaviours of teachers and other education professionals in France: can we do better? Sofiane Kab, Marie Zins 01/04/2022 Health Promotion International
Adverse employment histories and allostatic load: associations over the working life Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins 01/04/2022 Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
Association between benzodiazepine receptor agonist use and mortality in patients hospitalised for COVID-19: a multicentre observational study G. Airagnes 30/03/2022 Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences
Health care use by adults with obesity: A French cohort study Anne Laure Feral-Pierssens, Joane Matta, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins 01/03/2022 Obesity
Assessing the quality of evidence in studies estimating prevalence of exposure to occupational risk factors: The QoE-SPEO approach applied in the systematic reviews from the WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related burden of disease and Injury A. Descatha 01/03/2022 Environment International
Smoking behaviours among staff of two university hospitals in Paris, 2021 G. Airagnes 01/03/2022 Revue des Maladies Respiratoires
Blood inflammatory phenotypes were associated with distinct clinical expressions of asthma in adults from a large population-based cohort Joseph Henny, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins 01/02/2022 EBioMedicine
Respective Mediating Effects of Social Position and Work Environment on the Incidence of Common Cardiovascular Risk Factors Céline Ribet, Sébastien Bonenfant, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins 18/01/2022 Journal of the American Heart Association
Association of Self-reported COVID-19 Infection and SARS-CoV-2 Serology Test Results with Persistent Physical Symptoms among French Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic Joane Matta, Emmanuel Wiernik, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins 01/01/2022 JAMA Internal Medicine
Association between birth weight, preterm birth, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in a community-based cohort Céline Ribet, Marie Zins 01/01/2022 Hepatology

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