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Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Cdh2 coordinates Myosin-II dependent internalisation of the zebrafish neural plate N. Peyrieras, Thierry Savy 01/12/2019 Scientific Reports
Brownian-like deviation of neighboring cells in the early embryogenesis of the zebrafish N. Peyrieras, P. Bourgine, Juan Raphael Diaz Simões 08/02/2019 Physical biology
3D + time imaging of normal and twin sea urchin embryos for the reconstruction of their cell lineage N. Peyrieras, Antonio Ortiz, Elena Kardash 01/01/2019 Methods in Cell Biology
3d + Time imaging and image reconstruction of pectoral fin during zebrafish embryogenesis N. Peyrieras, Elena Kardash, Hanh Nguyen 01/01/2019 Methods in Molecular Biology
In vivo quantification of intramolecular FRET using RACFRET biosensors Elena Kardash 01/01/2019 Methods in Molecular Biology
Fluorescent Polymer Nanoparticles for Cell Barcoding In Vitro and In Vivo N. Peyrieras 11/10/2017 Small
Osteoblastic heparan sulfate glycosaminoglycans control bone remodeling by regulating Wnt signaling and the crosstalk between bone surface and marrow cells Caroline Marty, Pierre J. Marie, M. Cohen-Solal, ... 29/06/2017 Cell death & disease
ZeGlobalTox: An innovative approach to address organ drug toxicity using zebrafish Thierry Savy 19/04/2017 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Fluorescent Protein–photoprotein Fusions and Their Applications in Calcium Imaging N. Peyrieras, Adil Bakayan 01/03/2017 Photochemistry and Photobiology
Lens apoptosis in the Astyanax blind cavefish is not triggered by its small size or defects in morphogenesis Gaëlle Recher 01/02/2017 PLoS ONE
A cell-based computational model of early embryogenesis coupling mechanical behaviour and gene regulation N. Peyrieras, Julien Delile, Matthieu Herrmann, ... 23/01/2017 Nature Communications
Distribution of neurosensory progenitor pools during inner ear morphogenesis unveiled by cell lineage reconstruction N. Peyrieras, Thierry Savy 04/01/2017 eLife
An integrated modelling framework from cells to organism based on a cohort of digital embryos Barbara Rizzi, N. Peyrieras, Julien Delile, ... 02/12/2016 Scientific Reports
A Conserved Developmental Mechanism Builds Complex Visual Systems in Insects and Vertebrates Gaëlle Recher 24/10/2016 Current Biology
Defining and simulating open-ended novelty: requirements, guidelines, and challenges René Doursat 01/09/2016 Theory in Biosciences
Repulsive cues combined with physical barriers and cell-cell adhesion determine progenitor cell positioning during organogenesis N. Peyrieras 18/04/2016 Nature Communications
A workflow to process 3D+time microscopy images of developing organisms and reconstruct their cell lineage Yannick Kergosien, N. Peyrieras, René Doursat, ... 25/02/2016 Nature Communications
Programming the Emergence in Morphogenetically Architected Complex Systems René Doursat 12/09/2015 Acta Biotheoretica
Expression of fluorescent proteins in branchiostoma lanceolatum by mrna injection into unfertilized oocytes N. Peyrieras 12/01/2015 Journal of Visualized Experiments
Identification of the optic recess region as a morphogenetic entity in the zebrafish forebrain N. Peyrieras 01/01/2015 Scientific Reports