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Titre Auteurs Date de publication Source
Dynamic gene regulation by nuclear colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor in human monocytes and macrophages Nathalie Droin, Frédéric De Leeuw, Audrey Naimo 01/12/2019 Nature Communications
Dynamic role of nuclear CSF1R in the monocytic lineage Nathalie Droin 01/12/2019 Medecine sciences : M/S
Genetic characterization of B-cell prolymphocytic leukemia: A prognostic model involving MYC and TP53 Nathalie Droin, M’boyba K. Diop, Philippe Dessen 21/11/2019 Blood
Acquired resistance mutations to ALK inhibitors identified by single circulating tumor cell sequencing in ALK-rearranged non–small-cell lung cancer Ludovic Lacroix, Emma Pailler, Vincent Faugeroux, ... 15/11/2019 Clinical Cancer Research
Screening a broad range of solid and haematological tumour types for CD70 expression using a uniform IHC methodology as potential patient stratification method Valérie Camara-Clayette 01/10/2019 Cancers
Artificial tethering of LC3 or p62 to organelles is not sufficient to trigger autophagy Sylvie Souquere 01/10/2019 Cell Death and Disease
The pharmalogical reactivation of p53 function improves breast tumor cell lysis by granzyme B and NK cells through induction of autophagy Guillaume Meurice 01/10/2019 Cell Death and Disease
CABLES1 Deficiency Impairs Quiescence and Stress Responses of Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Intrinsic and Extrinsic Manners Patrick Gonin 13/08/2019 Stem Cell Reports
Regarding the rights and duties of Clinical Laboratory Geneticists in genetic healthcare systems; results of a survey in over 50 countries Zsofia Balogh 01/08/2019 European Journal of Human Genetics
EPAC-lung: pooled analysis of circulating tumour cells in advanced non-small cell lung cancer F. Farace, Stefan Michiels, A. Carmel 01/08/2019 European Journal of Cancer
IFITM proteins inhibit placental syncytiotrophoblast formation and promote fetal demise Sylvie Souquere 01/01/2019 Science (New York, N.Y.)
In-vitro and in-vivo establishment and characterization of bioluminescent orthotopic chemotherapy-resistant human osteosarcoma models in NSG mice Bastien Job 01/07/2019 Cancers
Downregulation of TREM-like transcript-1 and collagen receptor α2 subunit, two novel RUNX1-targets, contributes to platelet dysfunction in familial platelet disorder with predisposition to acute myelogenous leukemia Nathalie Droin 01/01/2019 Haematologica
A Recurrent Activating Missense Mutation in Waldenström Macroglobulinemia Affects the DNA Binding of the ETS Transcription Factor SPI1 and Enhances Proliferation Nathalie Droin, M’boyba K. Diop, Philippe Rameau, ... 01/06/2019 Cancer discovery
Genomic characterization of metastatic breast cancers Nathalie Droin 23/05/2019 Nature
Circulating innate immune markers and outcomes in treatment-naïve advanced non–small cell lung cancer patients Nathalie Chaput, Ferrara Roberto, L. Boselli, ... 01/02/2019 European Journal of Cancer
Frequent homologous recombination deficiency in high-grade endometrial carcinomas Bastien Job 01/02/2019 Clinical Cancer Research
Discovery of New Fusion Transcripts in a Cohort of Pediatric Solid Cancers at Relapse and Relevance for Personalized Medicine Yannick Boursin, Guillaume Robert-siegwald, Windy Rondof, ... 02/01/2019 Molecular Therapy
Evolution and recurrence of gastrointestinal immune-related adverse events induced by immune checkpoint inhibitors Nathalie Chaput, C. Coutzac 01/01/2019 European Journal of Cancer
Predictive biomarkers of response for immune checkpoint inhibitors in non–small-cell lung cancer Nathalie Chaput, Ferrara Roberto 01/01/2019 European Journal of Cancer