Developing techniques for interactive visualization of highly complex data, derived from such sources as numerical modelling and simulations

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Development of the means of calculation and storage makes it possible to deal with the masses of increasingly large amounts of data and to model and simulate increasingly complex phenomena and systems. To analyse these data and calculations, it is essential to develop powerful tools that enable users to view and interact with them.

The impact of the project for the public is found in terms of the interactivity and connectivity with simpler, faster ways to view massive and complex data (e.g.: weather maps, road traffic, role-playing, etc.). It will also generate new approaches to telework.

This network will be unique in Europe and in the world because it will connect several complementary sites and remove major obstacles to collaboration.

This project is open to master’s-level and doctoral students.

The impact of the project will be on the competitiveness of businesses and the responsiveness of decision-making, as well as on the creation of innovation in the areas of health, cinema, energy and transportation.