INDICES : Impact of soil erosion on Dust emission, Climate and terrestrial ecosystems

2019 : 27 May- 5 July - 6 weeks – of which one summer school

Organizer: Bertrand Guenet (CNRS/LSCE, Saclay, France)

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Ecosystem dynamics : stakes, data and models 

2019 : 17 June – 12 July 4 weeks – of which one summer school

Organizers : -Stéphane Dupas, Laboratoire Evolution Génomes Comportement et Ecologie, Camille Coron, Laboratoire de Mathématiques d’Orsay),  Arnaud Becheler, Laboratoire Evolution Génomes Comportement et Ecologie, Adélaïde Olivier. 

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Learning to Discover

15-26 July and 14-21 October 2019 and summer 2020

Organizers : Cécile Germain (professeur informatique UPSud), Isabelle Guyon (professeur UPSud, Chaire Data Science) Balazs Kegl (LAL-IN2P3/CNRS and CDS PI), David Rousseau (LAL-IN2P3/CNRS) and Vava Gligorov (LPNHE-IN2P3/CNRS)

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Interdisciplinary Research Program on Urban Mobility

16 September - 4 October 2019

Organizers : Dominique Barth (DAVID UVSQ/SIHS CNRS), Jakob Puchinger, (CentraleSupélec/IRT SystemX) and Laurent Willemez (PRINTEMPS UVSQ)

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So-Star :  The self-organized star formation process - Phase and morphological transitions, multi-scale mass and energy flows in the interstellar medium

16 Sept – 11 Oct 2019 - 4 weeks

Organizers: Isabelle Grenier (AIM, Paris Diderot University), Marc-Antoine Miville-Deschênes (AIM, CNRS) and Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni (UNAM, Mexico)

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APPTh @ UPSaclay : Les grandes questions en physique des astroparticules

2019 : 14 October, 8 November

Organizers :  Philippe Brax (IPhT, CEA Saclay) and Yann Mambrini (LPT, CNRS/PSud)

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Ultimate precision at hadron colliders

25 November - 6 December 2019 and spring 2020

Organizers : Maarten Boonekamp (IRFU-Saclay) and Marumi Kado (LAL, Orsay/Roma 1)

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