Dean of the doctoral school  n°577 SDSV | Structure and Diversity of Living World

Born in 1957, Pierre Capy got his PhD in Biology at the University Paris-Sud (1987). He joined the CNRS as research associate and then as reseacrh director (1982-1999). He was also research associate at the Washington University School of Medecine – St Louis in the Hartl’s lab (1990-1991). He is Professor in Biology at University Paris-Sud since 1999.
From 2010 à 2014, he was Dean of the Doctoral School “Genes, Genomes, cell” and Head of the CNRS lab “Evolution, Genomes and Speciation”. Today, he is President of Biology Department of the University Paris-Sud, and Head of the “Institute Diversity, Ecology and Evolution” (IDEEV).
His research programs deal with the evolution of transposable elements (TE) and their impacts on structural and functional evolutions of genomes. This includes the analysis of TEs dynamics from their arrival into a naïve genome to their diffusion in genomes, populations and species, but also the relationship between the main families of TEs and, the consequences of their mobility on genomes. Researches dealing with the regulation of their activity in germline are recently developed. This is a central question with potential application in health, as far as transgenerational inheritance is possible.